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“We’re looking at a lot of traumatized people who are finding a political outlet for their mistrust and anger. The issue acts as a flashpoint.” Dr Gabor Maté How do we connect with people who believe Covid is a conspiracy?

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Open Kind Heart: 8 recent practices on this YouTube playlist

Thank you Daniela Hess for your warm reception and this opportunity to share my work with your Yoga Farm Ithaca Community. Yogafarm.us
Invitation to sleep (10 min)
Many in our community listen to this often (22 min)
Healing is possible!

Building Resilience and Ease

Feeling at home in the world from a nervous system lens.

Cultivating a kind compassionate relationship with ourselves.

Making the leap, accepting the pain, standing tall and strong.

Turning toward people with trust and earned secure attachment.

Inclusion in a wider community locally and globally.

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Sundays 10AM beginning October 3rd
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Join us! I have waived fees for these classes during the Pandemic.

Live on Insight Timer beginning October 2nd. Saturdays 4PM Eastern.

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Women’s Healing Trauma 
Weekly Online Small Group
with Lynn Fraser

New groups begin November 7th and meet Thursdays or Sundays.

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This is a small group of 6 to 8 women.

We need safe places to speak our truth. To be listened to, believed and experience the trust that grows from a foundation of kindness and respect. These classes can be that place.

Safety IS the treatment. In this experiential series of classes together we do practices to begin and deepen trust in yourself and nurture authentic kindness and compassion within.  We cover the essentials of “how it works” so you understand your body, feelings, nervous system, shame, judgment and the essential role of social trust and connection. You strengthen your capacity to see through and release identification with experiences that commonly lead to core deficiency beliefs of unworthiness, unlovability – that feeling like there is something basically wrong with you. Details

2022 January 7th Radical Recovery Summit
Celebrating Five Years of
Innovation in Healing Trauma and Addiction

2022 Headline Interview: Dr Gabor Maté! RadicalRecoverySummit.com

Covid 19 Support: Gabor Maté, James S. Gordon, Pete Walker, Joan Tollifson, Rick Hanson, and 10 more amazing people generously gave us help during the Radical Recovery Summit. They’re back with pandemic support bringing more FREE programs, workshops and wisdom. Their brief interviews live HERE

The Healing Place Podcast
Thank you Teri Wellbrock for our in-depth look at trauma-healing strategies. It’s a delight to find passionate like-minded people.
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Should you want to watch, we’re on Youtube as well.

Trauma Therapist Podcast

It was a thrill to be interviewed by Guy MacPherson on the Trauma Therapist Podcast. I have learned so much from his guests over the years.
Listen on iTunes Episode #304.   TraumaTherapist.com
Read my blogs about the experience and reflection on my healing journey.
Interview and Telling the Truth

Not Another Anxiety Show Podcast

Not Another Anxiety Show Podcast, with Kelli Walker, R.N., M.S.N.
Not Another Anxiety Show Episode #160
Available on Apple Podcasts (iTunes)