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Living Untethered and The Untethered Soul, inspired by Michael Singer’s books

Sunday December 4: Witness our Heart as it Opens Closes Opens

Our blockages determine our level of openness – we need to be able to objectively watch our heart open and close
Our moods, attractions, and repulsions are dependent on our past (samskaras)

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Meditation on a Still Lake in the Moonlight with So-Ham mantra

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Field of Stillness

Breathe, Shake, Dance: a fun practice to release trauma

This is a guided practice from an 8AM live meditation

Emotional Flashbacks: Pete Walker
Right now in this moment, are you safe?
0:45 Look around the room checking for cues of safety or danger
1:45 Orienting through your 5 senses
4:45 Breath 2 part inhale, long exhale
6:45 Breath long exhale with vooo
8:15 Touch – holding our own hand, touching our body
9:35 Face heart connection (Deb Dana)
10:15 Using arms as we breathe deeply
10:55 Using your eyes, check again for cues of safety

Soul Mama Summit: My interview with Wendy Lopez

New Practices on Insight Timer

You will have a better experience listening to guided practices on Insight Timer. YouTube recently initiated a practice of adding their ads at the beginning and sometimes in the middle of my content which disturbs the relaxation. You can listen to Insight Timer on their free app or on a browser on your computer. Links below photos.

Emotional Flashbacks Present Moment Practice

We flash back to the feeling-states of childhood – fear and overwhelm. In this moment we are safe.

Meditation on Still Lake in Moonlight with Mantra

Visualize the path of moonlight on a quiet lake and follow the mantra to deep stillness

Interbeing is a term coined by
Thich Nhat Hahn

This guided practice is an exploration in the field of energy and connection

Some favorite practices on Insight Timer

Sunday Class Inquiry and Reflections

Toxic Financial Systems

Myth of Normal: Race and class

Showing Up As Our Authentic Self

Healing is possible!

Trauma Therapist Podcast

It was a thrill to be interviewed by Guy MacPherson on the Trauma Therapist Podcast. I have learned so much from his guests over the years.
Listen on iTunes Episode #304.
Read my blogs about the experience and reflection on my healing journey.
Interview and Telling the Truth

Not Another Anxiety Show Podcast

Not Another Anxiety Show Podcast, with Kelli Walker, R.N., M.S.N.
Not Another Anxiety Show Episode #160
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