Friends With Your Mind
yoga workshop with Lynn Fraser

Tuesday February 13th:  9:30 to Noon

Suggested donation $20

Gentle yoga in the Himalayan Tradition
Deep rest, breathing and meditation
Welcoming and mining sensation and energy
Calming anxiety and fear in daily life


Location:  Yoga Alliance of Red Deer, 4706 49 Ave, Red Deer   

Does your mind torture you with what-if and catastrophic thoughts? Do you have trouble sleeping or wake up anxious? Do your plans for self-care fall apart? Stress and trauma get lodged in our body in tight jaw, shoulders, and gut. Yoga, breathing and meditation help.

Why do we feel uneasy about getting to to know ourselves? It is normal for us, especially as children, to feel overwhelmed by painful events. Experiences of feeling unloved and powerless become beliefs. These false core beliefs of unworthiness drive our thoughts and actions. We hide-out by being good. Lash out or numb out. We internalize and shame ourselves.

We draw on the 5,000 year old tradition of yoga meditation and the latest neuroscience on strength and resiliency. We relax into breathing and being present in our bodies. We explore and see that sensations in our body are not here to hurt us. We learn effective tools to stay with troubling thoughts and energy and to release hurtful associations from our past.

Clarity emerges. We begin to deeply know and trust ourselves. We feel calmer, joyful and more able to express our own authenticity.

Lynn Fraser is an experienced teacher in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation and an experienced Facilitator of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries. She works online with individuals and groups. She comes to Calgary annually to teach in the Gold Yoga Therapist Certification Program for the Yoga Studio College of Canada. Contact:    Weekend Workshop Yoga Studio Calgary February 9 to 11