Present Moment Mindfulness Can Heal Traumatic Memory

On the other side is Freedom
Sunday January 5 at 10AM Eastern

Gratitude From Your Older Self
7 Morning Practices January 2 to 8 at 8AM Eastern. Free.

There is a part of us that doesn’t tell time. That is why when we do this somatic work of being present with energy in our body, we often have a sense of an age and memories come up. 

Trauma is stored in our body until we feel strong enough to feel and process it. It shows up as shoulders around our ears, clenched teeth and gut, or nervous energy from adrenaline pumping through our system. 

This Sunday, we inquire into what would expand our felt sense that it is safe to feel what we have been avoiding. We practice slowing down and use powerful practices to release the intensity from memories of the past. We stay present with ourselves in this moment in time, noticing our breath and space of our body, grounded through our feet and seat. 

Healing disconnection from trauma happens first within ourselves. We begin to be friendly and on our own side. We help our “younger selves” realize we are now safe. Our nervous system gradually calms and we relax.

Our “adult self” has more strength, resilience, power and money than our five or fifteen year old did. As an adult, we can connect with these parts of ourselves that still feel young and frightened. We reassure them. We see them. We connect.

We come to realize everything inside of us is safe to feel when we are able to stay present with our younger selves AS our adult self. We become safe for ourselves.

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