We begin at 6AM Eastern/11:00 UK on Saturday November 30 and conclude at 6PM Eastern/23:00 UK. Please use this to calculate your local time https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

You are welcome to participate in whatever way works for you. We start with breathing, relaxation and meditation and move into silence. We will practice gentle yoga and walking meditation. We’ll have breaks for mindful walking in nature, sleeping, and deep rest.

If circumstances allow, you could give yourself this gift of 12 hours of continuous silence and practice. It is equally fine to go about your duties as you maintain inner mindfulness and silence. Silent periods can include meditation, mindful walking or eating, being outdoors or walking, rest or sleep.

Because of time zones, people will have different starting times. As you begin, please set your intention for the retreat.

New sessions begin on the hour. We will take a break of about 15 minutes before each new session.

We meet online on Zoom http://zoom.us/j/645904638

6AM Eastern, 11:00 UK
Welcome and sharing our intention for the retreat.
Mindbody relaxation
Meditation into silence

7AM Eastern, 12:00 UK
Gentle meditative yoga practice finishing with guided relaxation shavasana

8AM Eastern, 13:00 UK
A 45 minute extended daily practice of yoga nidra Awareness of Being

9AM Eastern, 14:00 UK
Alternate nostril breathing
Meditation into silence

10AM Eastern, 15:00 UK
Full moon on still lake meditation

11AM Eastern, 16:00 UK
Kindness and compassion meditation

Noon Eastern, 17:00 UK
Silence and walking meditation (outdoors in nature if possible)

1PM Eastern, 18:00 UK
Alternate nostril breathing
Yoga nidra Awareness in the Heart Center

2 PM Eastern, 19:00 UK
Appreciative Joy Inquiry and Meditation

3PM Eastern, 20:00 UK
Yoga nidra Blue Star

4PM Eastern, 21:00 UK
Gentle meditative yoga practice finishing with guided relaxation shavasana

5PM Eastern, 22:00 UK
Alternate nostril breathing
Closing meditation, sharing and reflection

With multiple time zones, we begin at 6AM Eastern/ 11:00 UK and finish at 6PM Eastern/ 23:00 UK. Check your local times here. https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/