December 1st 2015 was the first of our daily online practices. I am now offering a third annual free online silence retreat to commemorate this beginning and the continuity of three years of daily practice.

We meet online on Zoom

We begin at 8AM Eastern Saturday December 1st and conclude at 8PM Eastern. You are welcome to participate in whatever way works for you. We start with meditation and move into silence. We meet for gentle yoga, breathing, relaxations. We’ll have breaks for mindful walking in nature, sleeping, and deep rest. If circumstances allow in this busy time of year, you could give yourself this gift of silence. It is equally fine to go about your duties as you maintain inner mindfulness and silence. It is all good.

“What role does the breath play in maintaining the inner state of silence? The same that we have said about the mantra, we can say about the breath. Both are vehicles for going to the interior layers, each in its own way. After awhile, the breath becomes so subtle that it is barely noticeable. Then only the prana-force remains. One is at that point totally identified with the pranamaya kosha (prana body), much subtler than the annamaya kosha (physical body).

Refraining from speech is no silence; japa is silence. Fill your mind with meditation. Fill your mind with contemplation. Fill your mind with witnessing. Fill your mind with self-observation. Fill your mind with higher-frequency energy and forces until they overflow and become love that goes out of you into the begging bowls of those today who are as sorry for themselves as you were before you were filled.” Swami Veda Bharati

There is no cost for this silence retreat. It is an offering of gratitude for this journey we are on together. Please register by email so I can send you the details.

Preparation for silence
Levels of silence

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