Bathe in deep silence
Calm your nervous system
Build resilience and strength

Retreat for a weekend to
Windhorse Farm Nova Scotia
with Lynn Fraser

September 11 to 13, 2020

What does the Heart know?

In mid March, the Covid-19 pandemic landed hard in Canada. What our lives will be like six months later, in mid September? We will all be fundamentally different. A weekend of healing practices, peace in the old growth Acadian forest, and resting in silence will be a balm for our body and spirit.

I combine the latest research in neuroscience, resilience and healing trauma with the 5,000 year old tradition of yoga meditation. This weekend learn and practice tools to calm and strengthen your nervous system and to increase resilience and emotional self-regulation. You will also have time for gentle, meditative yoga, reflection and to meander in the forest. 

Many experiences happen in our early life where we disconnect from ourselves, from our sense of value, and from the present moment. We develop patterns and ways of coping that lead to feelings of unhappiness. Our nervous system is activated and overwhelmed and we don’t know how to come down from that. This is heightened in times of fear.

Can you stay present in the moment and feel comfortable with the sometimes intense sensation and energy in your body? Yes! Practices through our time together lead to the direct experience that no feeling is here to hurt us. We have effective tools to inquire into the memories and associations from our past. This reduces the drive of our compulsive avoidance strategies and addictions.

In this experiential retreat workshop we do practices to begin and deepen trust in ourselves and nurture authentic kindness and compassion within.  We cover the essentials of “how it works” so you better understand your body, feelings, nervous system, shame, judgment and the role of social trust and connection. You will strengthen your capacity to see through and release identification with experiences that commonly lead to core deficiency beliefs of unworthiness, unlovability – that feeling like there is something basically wrong with you.

“Safety IS the treatment.” Dr Stephen Porges, Polyvagal Theory

Lynn Fraser is a senior teacher in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation and an experienced Facilitator of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries. She works online and internationally with individuals and groups. Lynn has direct experience of recovery from Complex PTSD herself and she works with individuals to hold a safe space for awareness and healing.

Retreat details:

Join with Lynn Fraser and a small group of women (maximum 8). We are staying in the Farmhouse, a beautifully restored home.

Cost including delicious meals $499 + HST

Day commuters: please contact me for the reduced price

Payment: Deposit of $250 prior to August 1, $250 + HST by September 1st via Paypal or e-transfer

Covid-19 Uncertainty: If we are unable to continue because of unfolding events with Covid-19, I will arrange for an immediate refund.

Deposit and Payments        902-817-3257

“Lynn is unwavering in her dedication and commitment to healing the nervous system using her unique blend of body-mind practices and insightful inquiry. She humbly exhibits extensive knowledge, understanding and wisdom related to trauma. What mostly calls me to work with her, however, is because I trust her. Over the past year during group and individual online sessions her warm and compassionate presence and supportive listening style has encouraged me to vulnerably risk continuing on the healing journey, build nervous system resilience and develop greater levels of joy in my life.” ~ Alyson Adashko Raskin, Ph.D, School Psychologist, Neurogenic Yoga and TRE (Tension and Trauma Release) provider, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach