8 Sundays November 10 to December 29 at 10AM Eastern
New Zoom link:  https://zoom.us/j/892378559

Healing disconnection from trauma happens first within ourselves. We begin to be friendly and on our own side. We start to heal the inner critic that drives aggression. Our nervous system gradually calms and we relax.

Then the rubber hits the road. We have a family dinner and feel scapegoated and targeted just like when we were a kid. Loneliness descends and we feel like we will always be alone. We wonder why everyone else has a partner and we don’t. Why are they having fun and we’re home binge-watching Netflix?

The truth is, other people are unreliable. The way they express themselves might not be a good match for our attachment style and we don’t hear them.  Love and acceptance from others doesn’t soak into our system until we’ve generated a certain level of positive regard towards ourselves. 

We take a deep breath and enter more fully into the complicated world of relationships with others. We need other people. We are hurt by other people. We want love and connection and it scares us. We lose our hard-won peace when we are triggered into old responses of flight/ fight/ freeze/ fawn. 

Emotional stability and connection with people can be a bit of a dance. We step in towards connection and sometimes step back into safety before we move in closer.

This series of 8 classes takes us through American Thanksgiving and Christmas. Isolation during the winter holiday season often triggers despair and core deficiency beliefs. We’ll take a deeper look into social anxiety, loneliness, attachment styles and ways we can connect. We will do inquiry and share our experience in the safe setting in our group. 

Cost $79 for 8 weeks beginning November 10th. Audio recordings and other resources are provided for further study and if you have to miss a class.

Are you a regular in daily practice? If so, it’s free for you! Email me so I can put you on the list. lynnfraserstillpoint@gmail.com

New Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/892378559