Hurry up! You can rest when you’re dead. Don’t be a lazybones! Times up. Make hay when the sun shines. Time is money. What have you been up to lately? What’s new? We live in a culture obsessed with time and being productive.

When we feel stressed and exhausted, it seems like we will never get out of bed if we don’t push ourselves. In my experience, this is not true. When I’m rested, my natural vitality and interests return. I become more productive because I have the juice to be interested and enjoy what I’m doing.

The abrupt losses and effects of the Covid-19 pandemic place a heavy toll on our nervous systems. The effects of climate change are becoming more evident through extreme weather events, like fires and flooding. We are grappling with social justice issues, like Indian Residential Schools and gendered violence. We are alarmed by dysregulated people who are in a fight response. We grieve the loss of connection with people who are in flight or freeze.

Many people are feeling depleted and emotionally under nourished. Self care is often the first thing to slide when we’re exhausted and overwhelmed.

This month as the nights lengthen in the northern hemisphere, we explore deeply nourishing ourselves. What can we do to reduce the time and task pressure we feel? We can’t immediately eliminate all of our stress. We can work with our internal urgency, control and perfectionism.

“Trauma is a chronic disruption of connection.” Dr Stephen Porges

As we are reducing pressure, we add simple deep nourishing resources. Breath. Regulating and co-regulating our nervous system. Spiritual depth and awareness. Open hearted connection.

This exploration isn’t one more thing to add to your to do list. This invitation is one thing that will restore energy that comes from deep rest.

We began Saturday November 27th with a full day of practicing silence together. Some came for the whole day, others for a few hours. This retreat celebrated the completion of six years of free daily online practice.

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Each weekend we explore an aspect of nourishing ourselves. Join me live on Insight Timer for a 1/2 hour guided reflection and inquiry Saturdays at 3PM (new time!) Eastern. Join the community class Sundays at 10AM Eastern for an hour and half of exploring and sharing with each other.

Join us Sundays 10AM Eastern from December 5th.
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In year two of the pandemic, I continue to welcome you to come free. If you are financially secure and can pay, please do so using the donation button to contribute an amount you choose. If you live in Canada, please send as an e-transfer to

As always, our Sunday community classes are free for regulars in our daily practice. Thank you!

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