On The Other Side Is Freedom. Sunday, January 5th, 10AM Eastern.

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Recent scientific breakthroughs in understanding and healing trauma: 

  • Children connected with emotionally self-regulated adults learn how to safely feel and express their own emotions.
  • People need physical safety and nurturing. We also need to belong and feel we matter.
  • Helplessness and fear are too overwhelming to feel at the time and are stored in our body as energy or sensations with the associated thoughts. Suppressing this is highly stressful.
  • Healing happens through our cognitive brain AND somatically through our nervous system and whole bodymind.

We long to deeply know and express our authentic self. We are adults now with a new world of understanding and tools to repair and reconnect. I know this from personal experience and through supporting people in my unique approach based on mindfulness, presence, unconditional kindness and compassion. 

What will you do with your vibrant life energy once it is freed up from suppressing fear? When we are truly on your own side, we relax, perhaps for the first time in decades. Life opens up.

Join me in person each month for my new online monthly program Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Healing Trauma. 

The basics of neuroscience are simple to understand and easy to apply. We reverse engineer the solution from the Dr Maté quote above and knowledge of neuroplasticity from Dr Rick Hanson “The brain is like Teflon for positive and Velcro for negative.” 

I guide you through healing your nervous system, with emergency measures for when you’re feeling anxious or panicky and longer term practices to foster resilience and strength. 

Each month I highlight one component of understanding and healing trauma and guide you in a related meditation: easing fear based catastrophic thinking and the internal critic; when the developmental needs of children are unmet; anxiety and depression; awareness; emotional regulation; how our primitive brain sees protection and what we actually need now; relationships; and the positive psychology of gratitude, creativity, strength and aligning with our purpose in life.

Children are dependent on the adults around us for feeling connected, protected and like we matter.  When this is unreliable, it turns into chronic stress that dampens joy in life for decades. 

In 20 years of teaching meditation and mindfulness, I really understand the mind and nervous system. You can master simple and effective ways to heal your bodymind. 

I am there live with you each month to guide you in understanding and healing these very understandable responses to your experiences in life. I invite people to share and answer questions. If you can’t join us live, recordings are available for your long term use. Each month I send further resources to support you.   

Join the program at any time and opt out when you like. The price for 12 monthly sessions is $99 US paid annually or $12 individually. We meet the 1st Sunday each month.

Sign up today. Experience the freedom of healing.

Annual or Monthly