Do you feel shame and disgust for your body?

Not at all! This is my body. I live here! It feels like home. It’s me.

I know I am not supposed to be embarrassed by my body but I’ve always feel kind of let down by my body and wished I looked different.

I wish I could put my brain into one of those computer programs and forget about my body. 

Do you feel estranged from your body? Do you feel neutral and a numb distance, or is it more negative, like you hate your body?

Can you remember ever feeling at home in and at ease with your body? Do feel at ease now sometimes? If not, what is the oldest age you remember that experience of ease?

Is there anything you enjoy about your body? The way it looks? Behaves? Perhaps you like the power in your thighs as you walk or run, but you don’t like how they look.

I love myself. I love my body.

Be aware of your whole body as you listen to these words. Contact that place deep within where you know your own kindness. Keep focusing on that truth. You could live in your body from this place of knowing and ease.

Join us Sunday November 3rd at 11AM Eastern to explore loving ourselves and our bodies.

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