Join me for an in-depth experience of letting go of harshness and self-judgment. Neuroscience backs up the value of gratitude and appreciation, of focusing on joy and kindness. We work with proven tools to support and heal our nervous system, become comfortable with the sensations in our body, inquire into the experiences that led to false core deficiency beliefs and whole-heartedly welcome ourselves, just as we are. Sound impossible? It’s not!

I will be offering an 7 week course beginning April 1st.

Weekly themes include: connection and safety, fear of authenticity, tools to work with thought and sensation, self-compassion, inner well-being, our relationship with and experience in our body, and alternative explanations for our beliefs.

Every week we work with:

  • Tools of breathing and relaxation to support and heal our nervous system
  • Guided Inquiry to explore the roots of the issue
  • Safely staying with the energy and sensations in our body associated with our thoughts

What I love about this work is that it reveals the mechanics of how we get ourselves into such suffering. We can break it down to a simple system of cause and affect. We have experiences, our system remembers them, we form beliefs, and our brains develop in response.

Try the practice below from week 1 of the course.

Our nervous system and primitive brain have been in charge long enough! We can understand strategies and beliefs from childhood and let them go. Would exploring this and releasing obstacles open up your emotions and life too?

“Freedom! Lynn’s work unraveled my false beliefs about me. Now I have access to what I actually think, what I actually want to do. I say what I want to say during interactions, no need for my old post event analysis “I should have said… I’ll get ‘em next time… I can’t say no, they’ll be hurt or mad”.
All that, my old defense mechanisms, took up a huge percentage of my thinking. With no need for defense, I’m creative! I’m a freelance writer and photography editor. I’m faster now. My work has more impact. My personal relationships are healthier. Most important, I have much more fun. If you have the chance, work with Lynn.”
-Lane Ledoux, Canada

Our 4 weeks of 90 minute classes begin Sunday January 7th at 11AM Eastern. Cost $59 US. Free for regulars in our online daily practice. Email me if you’d like to talk.


Fear of Authenticity Inquiry