Cost: $59 US. This is free to regular participants in daily practice

There is a complex web of interactions around our own experience as a child, our relationship with our parents when we were  children and as adults, and, if we are parents, the experiences of our children, both as children and as adults.

“A fundamental goal of human development is the emergence of a self-sustaining, self-regulated human being who can live in concert with fellow human beings in a social context. Vital for this healthy development is a relationship with a parent who sees and understands the child’s feelings and can respond with attuned empathy to the child’s emotional cues.”
Dr Gabor Mate, When The Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress

Our learning and exploration includes:

  • Intergenerational and historical trauma – seeing our personal lives in a larger family and societal context
  • Mapping our family two generations back and forward
  • Nurturing emotional interactions with parents are an indispensable requirement of human brain development
  • Children need parents who are attuned to their needs
  • In addition to feeling loved, we need to experience ourselves as appreciated for who we really are
  • Being present with energy, feelings and sensations in our body
  • Releasing core deficiency beliefs
  • Looking through a trauma lens and cultivating compassion for ourselves and others in our family
  • Widening our window of tolerance as we heal
  • Allowing everyone to be as they are, even when it is not what we need
  • Releasing resentments, regret and finding peace
  • Steady and firm, grounded in our own knowing
  • Building resilience and strength

Join Lynn Fraser for six weeks beginning Sunday November 4th. Each class will contain a short presentation, guided inquiry and sharing our personal experiences. As always, recordings and resources are available on a private webpage for participants.

Time: Sundays beginning November 4th at 11AM Eastern for one hour 15 minutes.

Cost: $59 US. This is free to regular participants in daily practice.

Resources and presentations from previous 2018 classes: It Didn’t Start With Me and Core Deficiency Beliefs . The slides are more completely understood within the context of the class. Those audios are only available to participants, however the slides and guided practices will give you an idea of what we cover. Some of this material will be looked at again in the classes beginning November 4th. With these deeply held beliefs, it is helpful to return to the same inquiry several times to bring forward and heal the limiting patterns.

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