Dr. Kay Vogt

 Healthy Relationships: Rare but Possible!

Sunday March 25, 11AM Eastern for 90 minutes  http://zoom.us/j/645904638

Dr Kay Vogt is a clinical psychologist, a Living Inquiries Senior Facilitator and a specialist in family systems and relationships.

Cost $20 US. Free if you are a regular in daily practices.

Explore healthy relationships of all kinds – romantic, family, with ourselves.  This workshop is back by popular demand after a fascinating exploration in February 2017. From 2014 to 2017, Kay and Lynn co-developed and ran a program for the Kiloby Center for Recovery to support families of people with addiction. They are excited to return to working together for this special workshop.

Elements of a healthy relationship include:

  • Both people are acting like adults: there is a bumper crop of immaturity and under-functioning
  • Both people are taking equal responsibility: is there a parent/child relationship in assigning tasks? 
  • People take responsibility for their emotional reactions: we fear calling each other out because we want love, approval and appreciation and not conflict 
  • We talk things out rather than acting things out: we manage our anxiety so that we can tolerate listening to challenging information that conflicts with our sense of reality and preferences 
  • Decision making is fair including the needs of both people: staying engaged until we can get to a solution 
  • Reality of each person equally honored: extreme is gaslighting, more common I am right, you are wrong
  • Personal work: under-emphasized in education and our culture; assumed we know how to relate
  • Anyone can initiate change: change in one person changes the system; takes courage


Register here: $20 US

The workshop is free to regular participants in Lynn Fraser’s daily practices. Please email to register.

Healthy Relationships Rare but Possible