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Sunday January 6th at 12:30PM Eastern

Reconnect and Fall in Love With Yourself
Women’s Healing Trauma Weekly Class

with Lynn Fraser
6 Sundays 7 to 8PM Eastern beginning November 4

What does the Heart know?

What happens at a women’s healing trauma retreat? Moved to Tears

Many experiences happen in our early life where we disconnect from ourselves, from our sense of value, and from the present moment. We develop patterns and ways of coping that lead to feelings of unhappiness. Our nervous system is activated and overwhelmed and we don’t know how to come down from that.

Our feelings and thoughts are not here to hurt us. Pain and tightness can be a signal to attend to ourselves. Learn and practice tools to calm and strengthen your nervous system and to develop resilience and emotional self-regulation. Practices through our time together lead to the direct experience that it is safe to welcome it all. We have effective tools to inquire into the memories and associations from our past. This reduces the drive of our compulsive avoidance strategies and addictions.

We need safe places to speak our truth. To be listened to, believed and experience the trust that grows from a foundation of kindness and respect. These classes can be that place.

Safety IS the treatment. In this experiential series of classes together we do practices to begin and deepen trust in yourself and nurture authentic kindness and compassion within.  We cover the essentials of “how it works” so you understand your body, feelings, nervous system, shame, judgment and the essential role of social trust and connection. You strengthen your capacity to see through and release identification with experiences that commonly lead to core deficiency beliefs of unworthiness, unlovability – that feeling like there is something basically wrong with you.

Lynn Fraser is a senior teacher in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation and facilitates the Living Inquiries. She works online and internationally with individuals and groups. Lynn has direct experience of recovery from PTSD herself and she works with individuals to hold a safe space for awareness and healing.

Cost $79 US. This is a small group of maximum 8 women. By signing up for this, you are invited to be my guest for my six week class running the same dates at 11AM Eastern. Intergenerational Trauma, Core Deficiency Beliefs and Resiliency.

Please register soon and email so we can set up a time to see if this is right for you.

Meditate with me every day 8:00am Eastern
Live on Zoom #645 904 638.  It’s FREE, come join.