Healing Trauma

Retreat Workshop with Lynn Fraser

May 25 to 27, 2018 Windhorse Farms Nova Scotia

What does the Heart know?

Who would you be if you’d grown up in a healthy, happy home and felt protected and loved?

We might have been abused or maybe we just felt unseen and like no one really cared. Our brains are literally shaped and developed by our experience throughout life. When we feel loved and well cared-for, our system relaxes and we experience creativity, joy, expansion and connection. When we feel unsafe or experience trauma, our survival mechanisms kick into gear and we become hypervigilant for danger.

The work we will do together at this retreat is at the heart of radical healing. As we understand our core deficiency beliefs, we become a friendly support for ourselves. We begin to deeply know and express our authenticity. This is been our journey and we know this freedom is possible for you.

Challenges of unhealed trauma include: fitful sleep, inconsistent self-care, social anxiety, troubled relationships and a mind that tortures you with what-ifs and catastrophic thoughts.

You are not alone! Abuse and emotional neglect are both experienced as survival level threats to a child. We hold our breath. Hide-out by being good. Lash out or numb out. Threats trigger our fight or flight mechanism. We are hardwired to survive and we did! Now we are adults and can heal, support ourselves and begin to trust other people too.

Through mindfulness, we learn about our thoughts, emotions and reactions. Yoga is wonderful for healing trauma. We breathe, which calms our nervous system and nourishes our cells. We begin to inhabit the previously unknown territory of our bodies. We let go of shaming, judging and aggression. We begin and deepen trust in ourselves with authentic kindness and compassion within.

Register here: https://lynnfraserstillpoint.com/healing-trauma-weekend-retreat/

Lynn Fraser is a Senior Facilitator of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries and a senior teacher in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation. She works online and internationally with individuals and groups. Lynn has direct experience of recovery from PTSD herself and she works with individuals to hold a safe space for healing. http://lynnfraserstillpoint.com/

Email for details and to register:  lynnfraserstillpoint@gmail.com