I am very much looking forward to Friends With Your Mind workshop at the Yoga Studio next weekend. This is a time to open into and deeply resolve the obstacles to being friends with our own mind.
Details and registration here:  https://www.theyogastudiocalgary.com/workshops

The workshop structure is a mixture of information, guided practice, discussion and inquiry. Questions and observations are welcome! You may want to bring a journal with you to note insights for further inquiry.

We will work with these (emphasizing what people in the class are most interested in):

Thoughts (words and images) and sensations in our body, how the mind works

Anxiety, fear, calming catastrophic intrusive thoughts

Brain science basics, negativity bias, survival level threats, how the brain develops in response to experience

Emotions, staying with our feelings

Mining Sensation: the tipping point when we realize energy in our body is not here to hurt us

Core Deficiency Beliefs

Shame, stigma, shunning and self-compassion

Regulating our nervous system: breath, relaxation

Managing fear and anxiety in daily life

Kindness, acceptance, and authenticity


Please watch/read/listen to these resources:

Breathe Relax Heal

Connection and Safety

Fear of Trauma Stored in the Body

It’s Not Rocket Science: Understanding Thought

Tools to Work With Thought

Tools to Work With Energy and Sensations in Your Body

Tools to Calm Your Nervous System


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I am always happy to hear from you! Please email me lynnfraserstillpoint@gmail.com. If you have any concerns about the weekend, let me know and I’m happy to answer your questions.

Are you registered for the workshop? Your resources are here. Access the page with the password provided to you by the Yoga Studio when you registered.