Is being friends with your body even possible?

We make decisions based on emotional comfort and our need to escape our body. The energy, feelings and sensations in our body can be a mystery and a source of fear.

Are these some of the words that come to mind when you think about your body?

Disgust. Dread. Fear. Memories of abuse. Betrayal. Out of control. Pain. Contempt. Overwhelm. Too fat. Too thin. Shame.

It’s no wonder so many people live in their head. We miss out on so much of the rich experience of being human when we route everything through our thoughts and avoid our body.

In order to heal through our body, we need to feel in our body.

The science on this is simple. We disconnect from our body due to trauma. We’re scared of letting loose the feelings and sensations of the trauma stored in our body yet our actual experience of turning towards and knowing our body is ultimately a huge relief. A coming home. Belonging.

This class will be light on theory so we can focus on inquiry and sharing. You can join us for this one class July 7th or sign up for the whole summer.

Join us to practice and explore being friends with our body in our July meeting of my annual program Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Healing Trauma. You are welcome to register for 1 month or the full year.

We meet Sunday July 7th on Zoom at 11AM Eastern.

Details and sign up here.