In order to heal through our body, we need to feel in our body.

We make decisions based on emotional comfort and our need to escape our body. The energy, feelings and sensations in our body can be a mystery and a source of fear.

It’s no wonder many people live in their head. We miss out on so much of the rich experience of being human when we route everything through our thoughts and avoid our body.

The science on this is simple. We disconnect from our body due to trauma. We’re scared of letting loose the feelings and sensations of the trauma stored in our body so we suppress them. Our actual experience of turning towards and knowing our body is ultimately a huge relief. A coming home. Belonging.

You may have reached that tipping point when you are able to stay connected with yourself most of the time or that may be a possibility and hope for the future.

Join with others to explore topics that affect how we live in our bodies, ranging from the effect of being bullied or hurt, what it feels like to be a member of a group that is shamed for who they are, to attuning to ourselves at various ages. As always, we work with down-regulating and healing our nervous system, clearly seeing survival strategies and core deficiency beliefs and working with resistance and the inner critic.

Kindness, patience and compassion naturally flow as we calm fear, build strength and resilience, and connect with ourselves through our whole bodymind.

We begin Sunday September 1st with intergenerational issues, the relationship our parents and families have with their bodies, and how that affects us.

Cost $79 for 8 weeks beginning September 1st. Audio recordings and other resources are provided for further study and if you have to miss a class.

Are you a regular in daily practice? If so, it’s free for you! Email me so I can put you on the list.

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