A bold move and a big commitment
Find Your Stillpoint begins each January with a small group of women. Email me at lynnfraserstillpoint.com to set a time to explore possibilities with you. Lynn

Find Your Stillpoint

SD-USA: “For the first time in my life I feel powerful. I think if I got no better than I am today I could live the rest of my life pretty happily.”

This six month program is a container where you can work deeply with what is holding you back from thriving and fully enjoying life. Our private sessions provide a safe, non-judgmental space in which any information or feelings can be shared. Being able to name our deepest fears and shame to a compassionate, accepting human being is key for releasing shame and holding yourself in positive regard. We learn to be on our own side.

The experience of feeling safe in a group transforms how we move in relationship with others. We listen and share with mindfulness and being grounded in our body. The carefully selected women in this program are all at a level of healing where we can have the direct experience of being authentic and vulnerable, and be met with acceptance and respect. We learn to be present and kind with each other. We heal our deep internal wounds, become steadier and are able to risk connecting. The direct experience of being safe for each other helps to heal relational trauma.

Safety IS the treatment” Dr Stephen Porges, polyvagal theory

We all reflexively avoid pain. We have unhealed trauma and shame. You are resilient, strong and courageous. You have the capacity to heal. You long for connection and authenticity.

What is your biggest concern? With unhealed relational trauma, we are nervous about the group part. Will we fit in? Will we see judgment on people’s faces or will we feel empathy and connection? Can we really feel comfortable enough to share our deepest truth? Yes. Over and over, people share how they have finally found a safe place to be who they are with people who “get” them.

Find Your Stillpoint 2022 will be open for applications September 30. Email me to set up a time. lynnfraserstillpoint@gmail.com

Are you interested in meeting with a small group of women? Women’s healing trauma small groups begin in mid September 2021. https://lynnfraserstillpoint.com/workshops/healing-trauma-womens-weekly-group/

Do you have trouble sleeping because of worry?

Do you make plans for better self-care only to have them all fall apart under the stress of daily life?

Do you have a mean inner critic?

Are you sick of comparing yourself to that mental list of how you “should be”?

Do you say yes when you would like to say no? Maybe you feel trapped in a toxic relationship or someone you love demands your help yet again.

Does your mind torture you with what-ifs and catastrophic thoughts?

Do you wonder when all this personal work will pay off and you’ll be free?

If you can relate, keep reading! Then email lynnfraserstillpoint@gmail.com to set up a time to talk privately with Lynn about the possibilities for you.

Working with Lynn Fraser

NJ-USA: “I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way. It’s like what a mother should do for her child. Never reject them for anything. I think I have had so much violence in my life. This is new.”

LL-Canada: “We’re not defending ourselves. There are no mean jokes. We’re not waiting for the next comment. We feel safe with each other. We want good for each other. That’s a big thing.”

You reach a tipping point where you realize you don’t have to avoid your feelings.

You become familiar with energy and sensations in your body and know they are not here to hurt you.

You welcome feelings and sensations and use mindfulness inquiry to know why they are here.

You understand yourself and how you work: body, brain, nervous system, emotions and thoughts.

Your mind and emotions are stable and you are developing a solid trust in yourself.

Clarity emerges as you become able to see the truth of your relationships and interactions.

You deeply know who you are and express your creativity and authenticity in life.

You are kind and compassionate to yourself first. Judgmental thoughts and shaming fall away. You are on your own side.

What do these words inspire in you? Take a few deep breaths and imagine living in connection, safety, and being true to yourself. You allow life to unfold and flow. You understand how you were shaped by your life experiences. You open to wisdom, knowing how to heal your relationship with yourself and others.

It is entirely possible to live from our deepest knowing. The clatter of anxiety and catastrophic thinking begins to quiet. Our focus improves and we enjoy relaxing our body and breath. We experience glimpses of the vast depth and stillness of the mind.

Lynn offers this program to support you in dissolving obstacles and clearing the way to a life of authentic depth and grace.

This is a hero’s journey. Transformation is both exciting and unsettling. We need to assimilate and integrate insights and healing into daily life. For this, we need a reliable connection with a safe, trustworthy guide.

This program is for you if you would like to commit to a radical deepening process based on kindness, compassion and the experience of increasing resilience in your nervous system, of freedom from suffering, and deep inner strength and knowing.

HH-USA: “I am in a space of just being really comfortable. I’m okay with me. It’s a new way of living.”

January through June: 6 months of online private sessions, weekly small group meetings and monthly retreats.

The program is organized into modules to support and bring you systematically through ever deepening layers. We work with these areas in order and simultaneously. You don’t need to perfect one area before including the next. This holistic, comprehensive program works on multiple levels.

What happened? How did I get this way?

I grew up in a family that was stable and secure, in the sense that there was no addiction, mental illness or chaos. My parents did their best given what they felt was important and their own capacity. What I didn’t feel was connected. I didn’t have a sense of intrinsic value or belonging.

“They all wanted validation. Every single person you will ever meet shares that common desire. They want to know: ‘Do you see me? Do you hear me? Does what I say mean anything to you?’” Oprah

Children experience both physical and emotional neglect as a survival level threat. We literally need the protection of our family and group to live. This is easy to understand when we are looking at the basics of food, shelter, and protection from predators. Anything threatening this inclusion is alarming to our nervous system and primitive brain. We are desperate to fit in. Fear drives our behaviors and these experiences create physical, mental and emotional blocks holding us back from thriving.

“The world won’t fully become enlightened until each and every person on the planet has a regulated nervous system.” Dr Peter Levine, trauma expert and founder of Somatic Experiencing.

Shaming is a powerful tool meant to correct behavior that could get us thrown out and ostracized. It is meant to be used within a context of connection. When we feel connected to someone and they let us know we have done something wrong, we recognize we need to change our behavior. When our bond is strong enough, we know we matter to them and they still value us as a person.

“The effect of abuse and neglect is that we disconnect from ourselves, the present moment and our sense of value.” Gabor Mate, MD

Where there is abuse or neglect, our predominant experience is one of being marginalized and left out. Toxic shaming leaves a residue of core deficiency beliefs, of the sinking feeling that we are fundamentally flawed and broken.

We cannot afford to feel this and desperately try to escape. Enter catastrophic thinking, living from the neck up, anxiety and looming dread in our body, process addictions (overwork, shopping, gambling, pornography, gaming) and substance addictions (alcohol and other drugs, food).

We disconnect based on our experience. We can connect again using kindness first towards ourselves and highly effective tools to strengthen and heal our system.

We hold on mightily to our defense mechanisms until we don’t need them. During our work together, you have direct experience of surviving being present with your whole being and this builds confidence.

This safety allows you to connect within, to know yourself all the way to your core, and to whole-heartedly welcome yourself with kindness and compassion. Denial melts like fine quality chocolate on a warm afternoon.

“Our work is to get to the place where we like ourselves and are concerned when we judge ourselves too harshly or allow others to silence us. We can spend our entire life betraying ourselves and choosing fitting in over standing alone.” Dr Brené Brown

This program is for you if you are interested in deeply knowing who you are. You are not new to personal growth. You see changes in your life already and know there is more available to you.

Program Modules

Find Your Stillpoint is organized into modules to support and bring you systematically through ever deepening layers. We work with these areas in order and simultaneously. You don’t need to perfect one area before including the next. This holistic, comprehensive program works on multiple levels.

Identifying and Understanding Obstacles

Trauma and its effects

Prioritizing safety over connection

Habits of thought and momentum in body

Over-identification with thoughts and emotions

Being out of touch with our deeper knowing

Perceptions that cause suffering: It’s not fair! It should not be this way!
Intrusive, fearful, catastrophic thought

The potent experience of shame and the survival level threat of ostracism
Working together, you widen your window of tolerance within the basic premise of safety and honoring your experience. We start where you are, validating your defenses and strategies as necessary. As you experience safety, you naturally let go of what is no longer serving you.

Body and Breath

There is a growing recognition of the importance of working somatically, with our bodies

Our body, breath, and energy are both obstacles and gateways

Our bodies reflect our life to this point and hold unresolved experiences of trauma and shame

We reach a tipping point when we actually know that the feelings in our body are not here to hurt us

We get to know our body and it naturally relaxes as stored trauma releases

As we focus on noticing sensation and energy in our body, associated memories resolve

Relaxation and breathing practices build resilience and stability in our nervous system

Breath awareness and practices to calm and energize begin with 24/7 diaphragmatic, smooth, even breath, and include special practices like extended exhalation to elicit the body’s relaxation response

All participants are highly encouraged to participate regularly in daily online practice. The consistency of breathing, relaxation and inquiry is instrumental in deep healing and sends a powerful message of caring to ourselves. With time, our body and mind become known and familiar.

Friends With Your Mind: Thoughts

A racing mind keeps us up at night, entertaining endless catastrophic possibilities

We ruminate, chewing on what we can’t accept

Anxious and intrusive thinking can take hold in the mind and create intense suffering

We learn to work skillfully with the words and images

We become aware of tension in the jaw from subvocalizing, words spoken or held in

As we become more comfortable with our body, we attend to thoughts attached to energy

We train our mind to concentrate in the moment

Dissociating into fantasy or anxious streams of thought lessens

We are no longer helpless in the turbulence of life and it all becomes workable

Through trauma sensitive mindfulness, we see our experiences and interpretations

We develop a clear mind in part by being with people who have a clear mind

We patiently work with our mind and it becomes an ally

Our lives are richer because we are present and engaged

Compassion and Kindness

It is common to have less compassion for ourselves than for others in a similar situation

This is a natural defense against feeling powerless and the magical thinking of “if only”

Core deficiency beliefs are formed to give us the maximum survival advantage by turning against ourselves instead of our parents and caregivers

As we begin to see through these incorrect beliefs, we access our authentic sense of positive self-worth

We develop perspective on our lives

We become more able to work with guilt, shame, forgiveness, regret, and acceptance of what is

We are kind and compassionate with ourselves

Connecting with Others

As we become safe for ourselves, we widen our window of tolerance and social anxiety lessens

Mindfulness practices help us maintain equanimity and presence when with other people

We increasingly become more able to be authentic with a variety of people

Boundaries are appropriate and less based on fear and codependence

Friends on the path strengthen and inspire us

We develop the capacity to deeply listen to other people as we do with ourselves

We help and inspire others through our own presence and unconditional acceptance

Connecting Within

Embodiment is defined as giving a tangible or visible form to an idea, quality or feeling

Working somatically means that we are directly aware of the feelings in our body without the distancing of perception, labels and thought

As we dissolve the obstacles in our body, breath, energy and thoughts, we naturally access the internal, intimate witness to our lives and Being

Mindfulness and presence practices allow us to know silence and stillness

We experience depth during group meditation and gradually stabilize this on our own

The direct experience of knowing and befriending ourselves strengthens internal equanimity

We become fully engaged in our own lives

Guiding Ourselves

We thoroughly understand “how it works”

We know the drivers of human behavior

We become skilled at assessing ourselves

We are trauma informed: we learn about cutting edge research and test it through our own life

We sense what is the right obstacle to work with for now and best approach at this time

We are experienced with a variety of tools and practices to stabilize and heal ourselves

We are skilled at self-facilitating inquiry

We are practical, patient and kind, knowing what to apply, when, and with what intensity

We develop trust in ourselves

We enjoy our growing capacity for response and skillful living

We live in awareness in the present moment

We develop a life that is meaningful, in alignment with our true and authentic self

Guiding others

“Teach only what you practice.” Himalayan Tradition

The focus in our time together is to deepen your own inner connection and to become proficient with the tools and practices of inquiry, calming your own nervous system, and becoming friends with your own mind. Emotional purification and self-regulation develop naturally through contact with others with a clear mind.

As our inner work deepens, our world changes. We experience equilibrium, grounding and stability. We are not as reactive to other people and their judgments and opinions. We have clarity. We see more than the look on someone’s face and their surface actions. We understand human behavior. We are trauma informed and see through this lens.

“Wherever you go, there you are.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

We have compassion for ourselves. We have a context for the events and experience of our lives and how we have reacted to them. Our development through our childhood years was based on our experience. As adults, we have regrets, some perhaps intensely difficult to work with. We have stopped shaming ourselves and others for being human and for our pasts.

As we become clear and open, the natural juiciness of life opens up to us. In the past, a lot of our life energy was used up in resistance and avoiding our feelings and discomfort. What will your life be like now? Mine includes walking on the beach in Nova Scotia inhaling the fresh air with my shoulders relaxed. I play flute in two non-professional jazz bands and I’m learning to improvise. I am safe for people because I am safe for myself.

“Having fun is not a diversion from a successful life; it is the pathway to it.” Martha Beck

We see ourselves. First. This builds our capacity for seeing others and opens the channel for us to help other people. By seeing them. Not by wanting to change them. Not by needing someone to be healed so we can feel safer. Not by protecting ourselves from their judgment because we secretly fear it is true. We are healing from corrosive self denigration and leaving shame behind.

We know and trust ourselves. We relax into life. The deepening compassion we feel for ourselves naturally opens into extending this to others. We know ourselves to be whole.

“When you are one step ahead, reach your hand back.” Swami Veda Bharati

This program is a foundation and gateway to living in freedom. Participation throughout this six months will allow you to work skillfully with yourself and heal relationships. You will have the skills to support deepening with family and friends.

Let’s talk and explore this for you. Choose  a time that works for you here and in the comments write “Find Your Stillpoint” or email me lynnfraserstillpoint@gmail.com.

What Our Graduates Say

NJ-USA “It was very healing to be able to share what I was going through and to still feel the acceptance and still feel the love and still feel the support. It’s like what a mother should do for her child. Never reject them for anything. I’m very touched by that.
I think what is really striking me is how non-violent this time has been together. I think I have had so much violence in my life. This is new. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way.
I want more of this, just this right now. And I think I don’t really know what that entails beyond obviously doing what we’re already doing with the practice but I want to practice non-violence in everything. I want what Lynn exudes. I want that for myself.”

HH-USA “I am in a space of just being really comfortable. I’m okay with me.
I think something that has come up for me just the last couple of months is kind of a mantra. To be honest with myself about myself. And I think if I can do that without a lot of striving but with a lot of openness and use the tools, it’s a new way of living for me. If I’m honest with me then I’ll be honest in my relationships. Stillness, it lets us kind of look into the mirror and not do it in a deprecating way but with kindness.”

SD-USA “I’m just very balanced.
Six months ago I said I wanted to “get ‘er done” and I feel like I’ve made great strides towards that but there’s still stuff in there and that’s a really good lesson. It told me don’t be surprised or frustrated or disappointed when things come up. They’re going to come up. The most important thing I’ve learned is that things don’t last. So, I can get through anything. That’s really important. I’ll take it when it comes and work with it. I’m just confident that I can take on whatever appears. For the first time in my life I feel powerful. 
I think if I got no better than I am today I could live the rest of my life pretty happily. Especially right now sitting with all of you.”

LL-Canada “In talking with my friends here I know their life stories a bit and they know mine. This depth of exchange, this connection. It’s better than maturity, better than being an adult. It’s how relating to people can be. There are no jokes that are mean. We’re not defending ourselves. We’re not waiting for the next comment. We’re not shaming ourselves. We feel safe with each other. We want good for each other. That’s a big thing for me. I need to choose kind safe friends.
It’s just amazing the tiny threads, the small and huge things that happened over this time. I have pretty much always buried myself in the next project, an all consuming thing putting everything else aside until I’ve finished. Not now. I have a house to rehabilitate, I love my work, yoga, volunteer teaching. Before I could not even think of everything at once. Now, as I keep all the balls in the air, I’m more relaxed and creative. My outcomes are better.
For the first time in the company of other people I felt I could do what I wanted to do and went and did that. It’s genuinely freeing. Now I am using my observations toward me first. What do I need? What would help me? This isn’t selfish, it’s adult.”

Find Your Stillpoint 6 Month Program Details

22 weekly private sessions with me
22 small group community meetings to deepen our understanding, practice and explore together

5 half day deep practice workshops
Video and audio recordings of our weekly small group meetings
Support via our private Facebook group
My book Friends With Your Mind, How to Stop Torturing Yourself With Your Thoughts
Attend my other workshops and classes as my guest
Special alumni pricing for private sessions after graduation
Join future Find Your Stillpoint programs to offer the depth of your experience to new participants and further deepen and heal
Admittance to exclusive monthly workshops for alumni of Find Your Stillpoint

Cost $3,997 US – can be paid by installments

Option B: Same as above except for biweekly private sessions with me for 10 private sessions instead of 22.
Cost $3,097 US – can be paid by installments

Are you keen to join but money is a barrier? Let’s talk and find a way to make this work.

This six month program is a container where you can work deeply with what is holding you back from thriving and fully enjoying life. Our private sessions provide a safe, non-judgmental space in which any information or feelings can be shared. Being able to name our deepest fears and shame to a compassionate, accepting human being is key for releasing shame and holding yourself in positive regard. We learn to be on our own side.

The experience of feeling safe in a group transforms how we move in relationship with others. We have the direct experience of being authentic and vulnerable and being met with acceptance and respect. We learn to be present and kind with each other. We heal our deep internal wounds, become steadier and are able to risk connecting. The direct experience of being safe for each other helps to heal relational trauma.

Safety IS the treatment

We reach a tipping point where we know through experience that the energy and sensation in our body is not here to hurt us. We stop the drive for perfection and give up being at war with ourselves. In this atmosphere of kindness and compassion, we feel safer. We can be surprised by what comes forward to be seen and acknowledged.

The core of your personal work is your private sessions with me. Most of the time we meet once a week. If something big is “up”, we’ll meet a few times a week for awhile. After a breakthrough, you might choose to allow more time between sessions for assimilating and settling. Timing is flexible.


Scott Kiloby, The Kiloby Center for Recovery

“Lynn has experienced a profound recognition of present moment awareness and embodies it naturally.  That’s the kind of teacher anyone would want, for if one’s teacher does not have the direct experience of what is being taught, true transformation just cannot happen.”” ~ Scott Kiloby

Lynn is the real deal.” ~ Dr. Rick Hanson

Radical Recovery Summit

“Hers was the most skilled, compassionate interview presence I’ve ever experienced.” ~ Dr. Bob Weathers

“Lynn is unwavering in her dedication and commitment to healing the nervous system using her unique blend of body-mind practices and insightful inquiry. She humbly exhibits extensive knowledge, understanding and wisdom related to trauma. What mostly calls me to work with her, however, is because I trust her. Over the past year during group and individual online sessions her warm and compassionate presence and supportive listening style has encouraged me to vulnerably risk continuing on the healing journey, build nervous system resilience and develop greater levels of joy in my life.” ~ Alyson Adashko Raskin, Ph.D, School Psychologist, Neurogenic Yoga and TRE (Tension and Trauma Release) provider, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach

“Freedom! Lynn’s work unraveled my false beliefs about me. My personal relationships are healthier. Most important, I have more fun. If you have the chance, work with Lynn.” L.

“As a 53-year-old survivor of childhood trauma, I’ve done more than my share of therapy in search of a greater understanding of myself. It wasn’t until I did a trauma education course with Lynn followed by deep exploratory work using the Living Inquiries that I can say that I found what I had been looking for. Lynn has an incredible aptitude for teaching, facilitating the Inquiries and, last but not least, offering connection and hope. I’m very grateful for the work we have done together.” S.

“Lynn brings an anchor of clarity to the stormy sea of thoughts that my mind is  always trying to churn up. She uses clear and simple techniques that helped me finally get out of my head and into the present moment.” C.

“I could see myself walking on the beach as a person just walking on the beach, not as a person who eats compulsively walking on the beach. Your class and words were so helpful to me on my healing journey. I don’t know if I would have recovered as quickly. That first class just helped me face it and breath into it. And now I can think of it without all that hurt and fear. So very grateful for finding you!!” K.

“For years I have been trying to “think” my way out of my compulsive thoughts and anxiety. Until I found your book online. Sharing what went on in your mind, Lynn, was an act of love for humanity. It was like reading about myself. Finally I was not alone or weird or sick or doomed. I thank you Lynn.” M.

“The Friends With Your Mind course helped me understand and accept for the first time how affected I actually was by past trauma. And how much energy had been going into ‘soldiering through’. After softly landing in life “just as it is”, I was not only offered Lynn’s knowledge, experience and deep understanding, but also the stunning wealth of resources she is making available to continue to help me/us accept and feel safe with myself, to heal and become friends with all of our experience.” A.

“I am grateful for Lynn’s sensitivity, integrity and skill as she holds the space for me to feel the fear I’ve unknowingly avoided my entire life. Lynn’s gentle intelligent guidance through inquiry has helped release the velcro that kept my thoughts welded to my gut-wrenching feelings. That welding, that glue drove my self-defeating behaviour. Anyone considering this work could only benefit from Lynn’s compassion and expertise.”  L.

“I’ve been in a crisis of extreme depression and loneliness. Lynn has helped me to notice the mind’s propensity to want to do something about it. That’s resistance in disguise. It’s the resistance that seems to perpetuate the suffering.” S.

“I realized during these practices that I cannot tolerate silence when with other people.  I feel I have to start jabbering away to fill in the empty space. Upon meditating about this, what came up for me was when my parents were fighting (often) and yelling at each other, what followed was silence (sometimes for days and days) which as a child was very threatening to me.  I have sat with this realization several times and come to the understanding that silence can be safe, comfortable and non-threatening. I totally enjoy listening to others conversations and have resisted the urge to fill in the silent spaces. I am learning so very much from our daily practices and your workshops.  I cannot express enough how much I appreciate and thank you for your wise knowledge, honesty and the kindness and patience you show us.” W.

“Lynn, thank you so much for the wonderful guided inquiry. I am working on staying with my feelings, but often have “ok, I feel it but now what” thoughts. Now you have given me a valuable template to work with.” H.

“Lynn is a master at breaking down the elements needed toward becoming intimate with how our thinking and nervous system works and making positive change.” Sutra Ray Robinson

“Lynn has willingly and courageously walked the walk; so now she can convincingly talk the talk. She has discovered an equanimity that that is available to all. It is peace she offers, with a smile.” Colette Kelso

“Lynn takes us  through the process of how to change our relationship to thoughts, and how we can free ourselves from the tyranny of our thinking.” Fiona Murphy, MSW RSW

Money-Back Guarantee

My commitment to you is my whole-hearted presence and attention as we work together.  The program includes private sessions and group classes plus the retreats. If at any time you need to leave the program, I will calculate what you have used and refund the balance.

“I sent Lynn tuition for a course I couldn’t attend and she refunded my $2,099 the same day.”   Lane L, Canada

Lynn Fraser

“Whatever you choose, peace and stillness are yours to keep.” ~ Lynn