Can you relate to any of this?

I’m exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. I love having my adult kids come home but it is so much work!

The hours over the holidays are so dark. I get invited to an orphan’s holiday dinner but it just points out how alone I am.

I feel like a loser compared to my siblings!  I am the only one without a successful career.

I’m newly divorced and facing Christmas morning alone for the first time in years.

My dad gets mean as he gets drunker and starts to pick on my son who’s LGBTQ. We had a big blow-out last year and I told dad to leave. He promised it won’t happen again and quit drinking for awhile. He starting having “a few” on social occasions and feels he has it under control. Everyone is walking on eggshells.


Get together with a supportive group to help you cope with the extra pressure this time of year. We meet Sundays at 11AM Eastern December 16, 23, 30th. We’ll do some inquiry into what triggers us, breathe, relax, share and support each other.

The cost is $29 US and as always, is free to regulars in our daily practice group. Zoom link: