It’s not too late to join us! Listen to the class audio and join us live this week.

There is something really wrong with me!  We know in our conscious mind that we count. We have evidence to support that. Yet there could be a lingering unease, an unconscious belief that holds us back.

The focus for our Sunday classes in September is on revealing and releasing the incorrect core deficiency beliefs we formed in childhood. I’m unlovable. I’m not worthy. I’m not very smart. I’m disgusting.

I knew Richard when we were in our early twenties. He was studying to be a doctor and pulled a few weekend shifts waiting tables. I was a recently divorced single mother and night bartender. I remember him being so nice! He was always happy to see everyone and was interested and kind. He was a handsome, white, heterosexual male from a stable home and smart enough to be acing med school. The rest of us were struggling in some way. Tortured by our pasts. Desperate for connection. Drinking and drugs were part of that. At that time, I never even dreamed what that kind of life could be like.

People like my friend Richard seem to glide through life, enjoying family and friends, doing meaningful work, feeling happy and fulfilled. Others of us have a harder path due to the effect of neglect and other forms of abuse and trauma in childhood.

Neural networks for trust and safety and connection develop through the experience of being around people who are self-regulated, available and capable of parenting. Without that, we don’t have that stability of feeling connected and valued within our family. A child’s best hope of survival is to maintain hope their caregivers will change. We can’t afford to see the truth so we turn the blame inward. Our thoughts become a toxic dump of judgment and shaming.

We have “inner work” to do. People have experiences and we base our beliefs about ourselves on these experiences. As adults when we are safely present with the experiences of the past we can see through these beliefs.

In this focused 4 week class, we zero in on the unconscious beliefs that formed in childhood. We’ll cover a bit of neuroscience, do Living Inquiries together, and learn effective tools to release the energy of our core deficiency beliefs. Kindness and compassion become possible.

Having the experience of being unloved does NOT equal “I’m unlovable”. This is a truth we can see for ourselves through inner work.

It’s time to update your files! Free yourself! What will open up in your life?

It’s not too late to join us! Listen to the class audio and join us live this week.

4 Sundays September 9, 16, 23 and 30. 11AM Eastern. Cost $39 US  (free to regulars in our daily online practice). All classes are live with Lynn Fraser with recordings and other resources made available each week.