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Do you have trouble sleeping because of worry?

Do you make plans for better self-care only to have them all fall apart under the stress of daily life? And aren’t you sick of comparing yourself to that mental list of how you “should be”?

Are you tortured by a mean inner critic or catastrophic thinking?

Maybe you feel trapped in a toxic relationship? Or someone you love demands your help. Again!

I am an expert in helping people identify where they are stuck and being an anchor during their healing journey. We work together as our authentic selves, honest and courageous.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin

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Find Your Stillpoint Six Month Intensive Program

Lynn is offering Find Your Stillpoint to support you in dissolving obstacles and clearing the way to a life of authentic depth and grace. This program is for you if you would like to commit to a radical deepening process based on kindness, compassion and the experience of increasing resilience in your nervous system, of freedom from suffering, and deep inner strength and knowing. 

“For the first time in my life I feel powerful.”
“I had so much violence in my life. This is new.”
“I’m okay with me. It’s a new way of living.”
“We feel safe with each other. We’re not defending ourselves.”
Find Your Stillpoint 6 month program

Daily group and guided practices free

Stillpoint Method of Healing: Private sessions

“Safety IS the treatment.” Dr Stephen Porges, Polyvagal theory

Healing trauma and restoring strength and resilience in our nervous system is best experienced, at first, with a facilitator.  The facilitator gently guides you through the questions, holding the space for you to look at words, pictures, emotions and sensations. This is a gentle process in a safe environment that allows for open, clear seeing and releasing patterns of suffering. When a person is able to see through identification and have the direct experience of being present with what arises during sessions, it can release Velcro and decrease suffering. 

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Book with Lane Ledoux, Stillpoint Method Certified Guide

Lane recently graduated from two years of intensive training in the Stillpoint Method of healing trauma. She has resolved much of her early life trauma through weekly sessions with me over four years. She has a gift for clear seeing and exhibits courage in staying present without the comfort of fight/flight/freeze/fawn responses. I have seen her transform childhood fear that caused so much suffering throughout her adult life into compassion for herself and for others. I am confident she can support people in their healing. To book with Lane, email

Testimonials:  “As a 53-year-old survivor of childhood trauma, I’ve done more than my share of therapy in search of a greater understanding of myself. It wasn’t until I did a trauma education course with Lynn followed by deep exploratory work using the Living Inquiries that I can say that I found what I had been looking for. Lynn has an incredible aptitude for teaching, facilitating the Inquiries and, last but not least, offering connection and hope. I’m very grateful for the work we have done together.” S.


Cement shoulders. Shut down emotionally. Go-to strategies: denial, minimizing and numbing. In a perpetual state of freeze (fight/flight/freeze system) from Developmental Trauma and later PTSD. A fearful mind with racing thoughts and frantic attempts to control and find safety. Feeling unseen and unloved.

Fast forward 25 years. I see and love myself. I am authentic and connect deeply. My body is relaxed and a known space. Trauma largely healed and resolved. I am mostly free of reactivity and I have skills to work with thought (words, images) and sensation. I know from experience I can be with whatever is arising in this space and time. I feel, at 66, that I am now (finally!) an emotionally mature adult.

I have helped thousands of people online and hundreds of people through personal contact over twenty years as a meditation and yoga teacher in the Himalayan Tradition. In 2012, I added Scott Kiloby’s powerful Living Inquiries and Natural Rest (Certified Facilitator). In 2014, I certified through the Himalayan Institute as a Yoga Ayurvedic Specialist.

Invest in your health and happiness. Let’s talk about how this could work for you. If you have the willingness and courage to go deep and truly heal,  take action today.

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