We have 3 brains: head, heart and gut. 80% of messages flow upward to the brain in the head. Only when we quiet the cacophony of internal noise from stress and anxiety can we hear our own intuition and wisdom. 

We need to stop giving so much air time to thinking, especially to catastrophic thoughts. Try the guided practice below and discover what you know in your head, gut and heart. 

Think of a problem you’ve been mulling over. It could be something immediate, like whether to make a job change or get in touch with an estranged friend. This works well with big life questions like where you are in or out of alignment with your higher values.

Take a moment as you begin to relax your body and breathing. Let your mind come in from other times and places and settle in the present moment. Remind yourself that you are inquiring without shame or internal judgments and criticism. You are interested in whatever comes forward. 

Some thoughts trigger a response in your body. It’s common to tense up in response to negative thoughts. You can always pause and do tapping or tracing to lessen the intensity. Allow each area at least 2 or 3 minutes. Don’t worry if you’re out of practice listening to your gut and heart. This integration is natural and will come.

Imagine you are watching from the back of your head as thoughts arise. What are your thoughts about the inquiry question? Make a mental note or write them down. Notice if there is a response in your body to particular thoughts.

Next bring your attention to your stomach area. Soften your belly and let your breath move freely. Notice any energy or sensations. 

The key here is that you are no longer “thinking” about it. Ask your gut what it knows about the question. Keep your attention in your stomach area. What is your gut instinct about this? Notice what thoughts arise. Resist the temptation to think it through. You’re listening. 

What does the heart know? Bring your attention to your heart centre and rest there. Relax your shoulders and all the muscles covering the front and back of your rib cage. Ask your heart what it knows about this question. Rest and listen. 

Review the responses from your head, gut and heart. They all have something to offer and it can be surprising. You may want to return to the practice many times to get used to listening to and integrating the wisdom of your whole bodymind.

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Wisdom and Intuition
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