A beautiful result of healing trauma is that we have less fear in our day-to-day lives. Our nervous system is less reactive and we are less afraid. 

We are drawn to authenticity in ourselves and others. We admire people with the courage to be and express who they are. They are vulnerable, open and we sense they like themselves. That is opening up for us too.

We have the direct experience that it is safe for us to be present with ourselves within our bodies. Our bodies hold the unresolved trauma and feelings of helplessness and hurt from the past. We gradually get better at allowing the sensations, feelings and energies in our body and listening from the heart.

We stop trying to figure out the past with the brain in our head. That part of our mind is very helpful for daily tasks and logical thinking and we won’t access deep, intuitive knowledge there. We rest with our attention in our heart, in our Being, and we know.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein

As our nervous system settles and we become less afraid, we find we are not spending most of our time managing fear and danger. We are aware of thoughts that have their origin in the primitive brain, and we notice their impact as they generate more fear thoughts and contraction in our body. We have skillful means to dissolve them. We breathe and relax our gut. We remain aware we are working with thought and memory from the past or fear of the future. We stop shaming ourselves for having a nervous system that still at times responds with fear from our past experiences.

Our old automatic strategies of flight/fight/freeze/fawn begin to loosen their grip. We have more accurate neuroception/ perception of threat. We are stable enough in the present moment that we feel more relaxed and grounded. Because we don’t feel so threatened, we engage with people and events in our life. We show up.

Now that you’re not being triggered into survival responses most of the time, what will you do with your life? How will you use your courage and your voice? What is your felt sense of who you are now in this moment? 

Come into your heart center and rest. Touch into your sense of aliveness. What is your deepest knowing in your heart? Who are you? 

(25 min)
What Will You Do With Your Courage?
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