This week we watched domestic terrorists overrun security at the Capital building in the US. Our nervous systems are alarmed and we are not sure what is going to happen – both in the next two weeks and longer term in a country so divided and polarized. We try to understand the origins and motivations and fear and rage and we also are afraid, angry and despairing. How can we recover from this vast divide?

“The effect of trauma is that it disconnects us from ourselves, our sense of value and the present moment.” Gabor Maté, MD

Recovery looks like (re)connection. We begin to build a personal kind relationship with ourselves based on understanding trauma and that what happened to us as a child was not our fault. We begin to see through core deficiency beliefs of unworthiness. We recognize our mean inner critic or how we numb ourselves, and slowly we heal the wounds of disconnection through safe connection with ourselves. With this foundation, we tentatively step forward and experience safety and authenticity in relationship, perhaps for the first time.

This is my fourth year of interviewing innovators in the field of recovery from addiction and trauma. We soak in the wisdom and richness they bring to us. Something clicks and we stop shaming ourselves for our nervous system responses. During these interviews, we laughed and I was often moved to tears. I am so excited to bring these conversations to you!

The Radical Recovery Summit is hosted by the Kiloby Center for Recovery and is free to watch January 8 to 17th here. Take us up on the invitation! I would love to hear about your experiences with the interviews. What did you learn? What touched you? Email me

The Kiloby Center Radical Recovery Summit

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Justin Michael Williams
I Am Enough
Pete Walker Grieving Our Lost
Relationship with Ourself

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Akilah S Richards
Disrupting: What If I Pause
Rhonda Freeman
Traumatic Bonding with Narcissists

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Catie Lynch
Eating Myths Begin Early
Gail Parker
An Injury Not a Disorder

Radical Recovery Summit 2021!

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Don’t settle for mere abstinence. 
Be interested only in authentic awakening and healing.

Scott Kiloby

Be on your own side
Pete Walker

I see you, I love you, I will protect you now
Dr Heidi Green

Approach your mind with kind, sweet tenderness
Sah d’Simone

Our vagal state affects everything
Jan Winhall

Stop participating in your own diminishment 
Dan McLintock

Even porn stars are not porn stars
Dr Charles Flores

Reclaim your life from diet culture
Catie Lynch

You are hurt, not crazy. 
There is something wrong but it is not with you

Dr Gail Parker

We have good reasons for behaving badly
Erica C Barnett

How can you convince your nervous system 
it can trust those around it?

Dr Stephen Porges

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What could radical recovery look like in our lives?
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