We have a nervous system and primitive brain ideally suited for human conditions over the last hundreds of thousands of years. We avoid pain and seek pleasure. We instinctively pull back from fire. We avoid life threats. We evolved this way and it works in the physical world and its threats.

The trouble comes when we apply this effective physical survival strategy to our feelings and emotion.

We avoid pain by pulling back so we don’t get burned.

We feel overwhelmed and “leave the scene” through dissociation, addiction, shopping, Netflix, gaming, gossip …

Feeling powerless triggers life threat and we fight/flee/freeze for survival.

In the emotional world, we need to tune in, turn toward, and get to deeply know ourselves. THIS is how we actually protect ourselves from emotional threat. THIS is how we process our emotional experience and become friends with our mind. THIS is how we become free.

Thoughts Velcroed to sensation or energy in our bodies feel like a threat and our primitive brain jumps in to protect us. The Living Inquiries can help you upgrade your system.

Our primitive brain does a great job at protecting us from physical threat. This part of our brain overreacts because it’s better to be safe than sorry. Happiness is not even on the radar. It’s a one song band. Safety first.

Our ancestors evolved with a lightning fast primitive brain response to danger. It is the perfect tool for physical safety.

Higher level functioning of our brains is what makes us human. This is the perfect tool for emotional intelligence.

It can be a challenge to ride out the priorities of our primitive brain to escape danger. We turn towards over and over. We directly experience the way images and words unvelcro from sensation in our body. The threat dissolves along with that contracted energy. We relax.

We have so many deep experiences of safety and freedom that we begin to know this in every cell of our body. It is safe to be present with ourselves and our full human experience.

It turns out we don’t need a system upgrade after all. Our primitive brain can relax. We don’t need it to do a job that it’s not suited for. Our pre-frontal cortex is ready and willing. We already have everything we need.

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Use the right tools for the job. This is possible for you too!



Time for a System Upgrade!
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