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Six week online course with Lynn Fraser through Yoga Farm Ithaca
Tuesdays May 3 to Jun 7 2022 7:30 to 9PM EST

Teaching Yoga Nidra allows us to offer students deep nourishing rest, and to experience stillness in their mind.

You are also welcome if you would like to deepen your own practice of yoga nidra, use it as a massage therapist or other healing practice, or with your family, friends or colleagues. Deep rest is beneficial for all of us.

Yoga Nidra is the only known way to rest the unconscious mind. It is a state of conscious sleep in which a person is both alert and deeply relaxed on a physical, nervous system, mental and emotional level. For thousands of years, meditation masters have used the methods of sleepless sleep (Yoga Nidra) to learn the secrets of the Self, to discover depths of sciences and arts, and to rejuvenate and heal themselves.

Our consciousness during yoga nidra functions at a deep level which increases the capacity of the mind. In this state, we improve our power of focus, connect with our higher Self, and increase well being. It becomes easier to access our intuition to make decisions, find answers to philosophical questions, learn, and to maintain a positive state of mind. Reducing stress through yoga nidra supports and improves physical and mental health.

In yoga nidra, we reach delta waves of deep non-REM sleep while simultaneously remaining fully conscious. We discover how to get the deep rest we need each day while reducing our need for sleep. The quality of rest we experience in yoga nidra is completely different from ordinary sleep.

We teach what we know to the depth we have experienced. Through our own deepening experience of yoga nidra, we offer students focused guided practice and attuning with the stillness of our own energy field.

For Yoga Teachers, this course is listed at Yoga Alliance for your Continuing Education (CEU course)

Six guided yoga nidra practices: Listen here


Education: what is yoga nidra?; brain wave states; recent research; prosody; regulating the nervous system, disconnection from body, fight/flight/freeze; how trauma affects the brain and access to deeper states of consciousness.

Practice: live guided practice during class; class and practice recordings; transcripts.

Homework: daily practice of the yoga nidra focus of the week

Teaching: trauma-informed safety; guiding students from the beginning centering practice through asana to set up optimal conditions for a deep experience of yoga nidra in closing shavasana; short experiences of yoga nidra in other settings like school or workplace; enhance the client experience if you are a massage therapist or other healer; when teaching breathing, relaxation and healing to the public.

Sharing and questions: during class and in my weekly Q&A Thursdays at 4PM Eastern


  • May 3 Wk 1: Welcome & Intro to Yoga Nidra
    This week’s practice: Awareness of stillness in the 5 koshas (sheaths or layers)
  • May 10 Wk 2: Research on Yoga Nidra, a State of Consciousness
    This week’s practice: Direct perception without thought, awareness of Being
  • May 17 Wk 3: Developing a Calm, Alert and Focused Mind
    This week’s practice: Sweeping breath
  • May 24 Wk 4: Wisdom, Intuition and Healing
    This week’s practice: Blue star 61 points
  • May 31 Wk 5: Nervous System and Healing Trauma Through Yoga NidraThis week’s practice: Yoga nidra in the Ajna, Vishuddhi and Anahata chakras (eyebrow, throat, heart)
  • June 7 Wk 6: Deep Stillness and Connection with our Higher SelfThis week’s practice: Yoga Nidra in the cave of the heart


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Part of our core philosophy as a nonprofit is to offer some programs at a sliding scale tuition that we call ‘Honest and In Integrity’.

The ‘Budget Tuition’ for this course is $199, and there is a tuition option above that called ‘Pay if Forward’ and one lower ‘Considerable Financial Hardship’. You can read about these 3 options here, to see which tuition is right for you.

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