How do I stop the constant stream of thoughts? My body won’t stay still. I notice I hold my breath. My mind goes to the worst case scenarios. How can I meditate with all of that distracting me?

You could discover part of the answer this weekend. I invite you to join me for 3 focused 90 minute sessions of relaxation, breathing, and dipping into the deep layers of stillness in the mind.

We’ve all been there. We try to meditate, but our mind gets in the way. We have a predictive brain with a negativity bias that remembers everything bad that ever happened to us. The worry, anxiety and catastrophic thinking that disturb our peace are essentially our nervous system “helpfully” trying to keep us safe.

Relaxation, breath and meditation practices help to heal underlying trauma and train our mind to focus within. We will learn about the mind and memories, and cover three somatic (body) mindfulness tools to help us stay in the present. We learn to withdraw our attention from events in the external world and to quietly focus on the silence that is already deeply present. Each session features a new breathing and yoga nidra relaxation practice to bring us into meditation.

Experience the depth of silence that is always here under the restlessness of the thought stream. Our weekend retreat is primarily focused on practice. We all have the capacity to dissolve the obstacles to meditation and enjoy stillness and peace.

The answer is not to get rid of thoughts. That’s impossible. The answer is to train our mind to access and know the stillness that is all pervading and always present, even under the turbulent layers of thought and emotion. We welcome everything as part of our past and present experience, at the same time as we remain aware of our Being.

Details and link to register here.

Click below the pictures for three different short awareness practices. This weekend, we will incorporate these into longer yoga nidra and meditation practices.

Stillness in the Mind
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