The practice below is one of nurturing ourselves with comfort and solace in the heart center.

Bring to mind a moment of joy, maybe someone you love or a favourite pet and bring your attention to your heart area. The heart center is in the middle of the chest, the area protected by your rib cage. This is where we feel emotion.

Emotion is transitory. It might be persistent or long lasting but it is not permanent. Emotions, like thoughts, come and go and are linked or connected. When we vividly remember an experience, the thoughts come with feelings in our body. Many people avoid feelings in their body because they feel overwhelming.

Bring to mind a warm golden glow of light in the heart center. Let it radiate out to the whole of your body, head to toes. Notice the back of your body, the top of your head, your face, arms and legs, and the front of your chest and stomach area.

Focus most of your attention in the origin of the warm golden light in the heart center and maintain awareness that it is radiating out to all the cells of your body. You might notice the rhythm of your breath and the movement in your belly.

Sometimes emotion is front and center. We feel sad. Other times we are disconnected from our body and feel isolated and confused, not sure of what we’re feeling.

Rest in the golden glow in your heart center. There is no perfect way to do this so don’t think about it too much.

With your attention resting in the light, welcome any emotions into your heart center. Some might stay for just a moment. Others might hang around longer. We don’t have to direct the process. 

Welcome everything and allow it to be held and comforted in the warm light of the heart center. Be at ease. 

Sadness, grief, anger, shame, judgment – none of them can diminish the warm glow of light. We can comfort and nurture ourselves resting here. Give yourself your own attention. From this stability, you can welcome anything that needs comfort and solace in the light. Keep coming back to feeling what is here and maintain awareness of the stillness and light in your heart center.

In the heart center, we know we are not alone. We rest in presence and our own good will towards ourselves. We hold space for feelings of grief. Feelings of isolation and being on our own heals in this light. 

This isn’t a thinking practice. It’s a feeling and energy practice. Remain aware of your being and the vast stillness and light in your heart center. Allow feelings to come and go in this space.

As you move through the days and weeks, dip back into the warm golden glow of light in your heart center. Let this be an inner resource. Put your hand on your heart. Sense the energy. Welcome any disturbed, sad or disturbed parts of yourself that need comfort, to be held, to receive solace.

Solace in the Heart
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