Heidi Green believes everyone has the power to be truly happy and to have a loving relationship with our younger selves.

“I have to be able to love little Heidi. Until you can see your own young self like other children you love and care for, it can be tricky to feel safe and do this healing work.

I was so stupid. I shouldn’t have done that. I brought this on. It was because I did this that they harmed me. We have preconceived notions about ourselves as a child. We even blame ourselves if we had a learning disorder or were bullied. We have a hard time embracing or loving those young versions of ourselves. We feel unlikeable.

I see you, little 8 year old or 3 year old self. I see you and I love you. I’m here for you. I know you’re still in there and I know you have that hurt and fear. This adult version of me is here to protect you now.

Love is about loving every version of you that ever existed because they all still live inside us. Today you are your oldest wisest version of yourself and you need to show up with unconditional love for all those younger versions that live within you.

This works for everyone. Our most innate need is to be safe and loved and cared for. We are social creatures. When we’re able to be trustworthy with ourselves, we feel deserving of beautiful, reciprocal relationships with others too.”

I know from my own personal experience that what Heidi is pointing to is true and transformative. Take a moment now to tune into your mindbody. What is your response? Does this feel true? Is your mind bringing in evidence or counter-arguments? Developing connection with ourselves is something we can work with.

Heidi Green is a psychologist and someone who radiates happiness. I had a great time interviewing her for the Radical Recovery Summit. Watch the clip below and sign up to watch her interview free January 8th to 17th.

Self-Love and World Domination
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