I  have always been interested in the mind and brain, especially through meditating twenty-five years.  Dr. Rick Hanson outlines a simple way to work with our brain to heal and increase happiness.

Key resources to grow resilience and tolerate what is going on internally: 

  1. Exhale and let the body calm (see my YouTube channel for many guided practices)
  2. Have a sense of others who care for you and support you and look for those experiences
  3. Mindfulness: develop the capacity to witness using neutral experiences for practice. All experiences have the same transient nature. They come and go.

Resource yourself with a gritty, resilient, toughness.  Listen to the clip for more and sign up here to watch the whole interview.

Dr. Hanson advises us to experience what you’re trying to grow then wire it into your brain, help it become part of your nervous system. Take in positive experiences for ten to twenty seconds several times a day. AND once or twice a day, have a meaningful experience of care and connection.

We have three primary needs – safety (brain stem/ lizard brain), satisfaction (sub cortex, mouse), and connection (cortex/ monkey). We avoid pain (for safety), approach pleasure (satisfaction), and attach to others for connection.

Deep change comes with repeated internalizing of having our three categories of needs met. Repeatedly experience rewards that are wholesome. Over time it trains the brain to not approach the next moment from sense of deficit or disturbance. Thousands of times for 10 seconds – give yourself the wholesome, safe experience. Feeling loved and loving changes the nervous system.

Resourcing Our Brain
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