This week in our daily practice, we have been inquiring into resilience and strength.

How does that show up in your body? Is there a toughness or shielding in your neck, shoulders and upper back? See if it feels okay to soften that for a bit. Tune in to the area between your shoulder blades. Let that relax.

Then move your attention forward a few inches into your heart center. Here there might be some different words. Heartfelt. Joy. Gratitude. We feel these. At times we may feel a painful energy in our heart center. These come and go. Feelings are transitory, not permanent.

Focus your attention lower into your navel center, another area rich with meaning and sensation. In martial arts they call this the hara. Center. Strength. Power. Balance. Fire. Groundedness. Grit. And softness as the breath moves, the muscles of the stomach relax as we exhale.

Be aware of your whole body. Energy. Sensation. Movement. Stillness. Thought.

Say the words, I’m resilient. I’m strong. I have grit. I’ve made it through to this moment. Acknowledge that.

What is your evidence that you are resilient and strong? Bring up memories and let yourself experience it again in your mind. Take your time taking that in. Note: your primitive brain might remind you of times when you weren’t feeling strong. Right now we’re not entertaining those. Let them move to the background.

Use all of your senses to experience resilience and strength in your body right now.

I am resilient most of the time. I am strong enough.

Try this guided practice. Acknowledge your strength. Take it in.




Resilient and Strong Enough
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