Forests and ocean. Stillness and movement. Space to breathe. I feel part of the network of leaves and roots, fresh air, the simple reality of nature.

I was in California last week for the Science and Nonduality Conference, south of San Francisco. I enjoyed the talks and connections with people. I loved being in the redwood forest and walking with my feet in the cool, salty water of the Pacific Ocean. I feel restored. I notice the energy I expend in managing the stimulation of a busy environment. Six lane traffic on the freeways. A thousand people lunching and talking. Considering ideas and bringing in new information. Connecting with people.

In nonduality we look at concepts like “all is one”. What does that feel like in a forest? The life force flowing through the trees, the leaves, coming down as the sun, the breeze, the fungi and soil, the network of connected roots, the network of connections in my brain and body. The prana, life force, energy that comes from stillness into life. Life moves in and through us.

Go out into nature. Let the words fade into the background. Breathe. Let yourself rest.


Redwood Forest
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