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What impacted you most? Who do you want to watch again? The two most-watched interviews were Scott Kiloby on Real Freedom and Dr Gabor Mate on Trauma, Connection and Addiction.

In this Summit, we get to the real root of addiction and radical recovery and healing.

The Summit Reviews are in:

Scott Kiloby

“Prepare for the Radical Recovery Summit to pierce your heart over and over as each speaker reveals their compassionate understanding of addiction, fueled by trauma, and healed by loving presence.”

“The interviewees make up such a wonderful cornucopia of compassion, generosity, innovation and wisdom.”

Scott Kiloby, Real Freedom


Dr. Gabor Mate“These interviews are with people who are dedicated to holding space for trauma and who recognize that trauma is trapped in the body and needs to be felt. It needs to be shown the light.  These are compassionate people, dedicated to awareness of awareness.”

Dr Gabor Maté, Trauma is Disconnection From the Self


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Kiloby Center Aftercare Team                          Ken Seeley                          Scott Kiloby, The Kiloby Center for Recovery

October 29: Mindfulness                           November 19                                  December 17: Mindfulness
and Long Term Recovery                           Intervention 911                            for Clean and Sober
Kiloby Center Aftercare Team                  Ken Seeley                                       Holidays, Scott Kiloby


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