I had a great conversation with Martina Kelades. Check out our conversation here. I’ve been enjoying her podcast since I discovered it last summer.

Lynn Fraser interviewed by Grace Bubeck of Seekers Finders

Thank you Kassandra! Awaken Bridging Beauty and Biology Podcast. There are people that show up in that world that you hear and you can directly tune into and feel their sense strength, love, groundedness, and presence — and that is the sense you will feel from our guest Lynn Fraser as we discuss how we can open, connect, and create a space to embrace change, and cultivate self-love through these challenging times, but even more so, seeing a door that is open to us for opportunity and transformation. Apple Podcasts Kassandra’s Podcast Page

The Healing Place Podcast
Thank you Teri Wellbrock for our in-depth look at trauma-healing strategies. It’s a delight to find passionate like-minded people.
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Should you want to watch, we’re on Youtube as well.

It was a thrill to be interviewed by Guy MacPherson on the Trauma Therapist Podcast. I have learned so much from his guests over the years.
Listen on iTunes Episode No. 304 TraumaTherapist.com
Read my blogs about the experience and reflection on my healing journey.
Interview and Telling the Truth

PTSD: People Trauma and Stress
with Crystal and Heather
Lynn is an anchor to support your journey through trauma as you begin to live from your own innate wisdom and basic goodness.
Episode 32 3:4 with Lynn Fraser 

Therapy Chat Podcast

Catch my interview on Therapy Chat Podcast with Laura Reagan, LCSW-C
Today Laura speaks to Lynn Fraser about mindfulness & somatic work in healing trauma.  

Episode 127: Mindfulness & Somatic work in Healing Trauma with Lynn Fraser

Emotions in Harmony podcast
Anna Seewald, MEd, MPsy Have you ever had a panic attack? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this podcast episode was made for you. My March 7 appearance on the Emotions in Harmony podcast.  Panic Attacks

Woman Worriers Podcast 
with Elizabeth Cush
I had fun talking with Elizabeth about our serious interests. Research shows that the body stores memories of trauma. Lynn Fraser, author of Friends With Your Mind, talks about safely accessing those memories on the journey to recovery.

Not Another Anxiety Show Podcast

Not Another Anxiety Show Podcast, with Kelli Walker, R.N., M.S.N.
Not Another Anxiety Show Episode #160
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SuperPowerUp! podcast
Your SuperPowered Mind

April 1 Episode SuperPowerUp! podcast with Kristin Maxwell.  Healing from trauma of all kinds.