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“The greatest gift you can give the world is a peaceful mind.”
Swami Veda Bharati

Sunday Classes March 1 to April 26 at 10AM Eastern
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What disturbs you, hooks you, makes you depressed or revs up catastrophic compulsive thinking? What gets in your way of experiencing a peaceful mind?

These are hard times right now and most people are struggling. The world feels less safe. We face an immense amount of financial and emotional stress. Many children and adults feel disconnected and isolated, looking for ease in screens, video games and other addictions.

The concentration of wealth in the 1% has dramatically diminished the middle class in the last sixty years. Many families have two parents working full time, single parenting is even more difficult, and then we add in the effects of living with divorce and blended families.

We watch as the rule of law in the US is ignored with a bully as President. We also see people standing up to corruption.

We see people from war torn countries fleeing terror, seeking refuge in the millions, and creating fear, resistance and changing the composition of populations. We see countries welcoming refugees.

We are waking up to the devastating impact of environmental change right now and are afraid of the future. We see Greta, a teenage girl, start a one person climate strike and catch the imagination of the world.

It is natural to feel despair and powerless. These are large social conditions and most of us feel we can have little impact on our own. It feels threatening and it also activates fear from earlier in our life.

“We are at a crossroads. As we see, there is so much violence, polarization, environmental degradation, and suffering all over the globe. Things seem like they’re spinning out of control. We can respond to this state of affairs with fear, aggression, and selfishness, or we can respond out of trust in our vast, open, basically good mind, which is timelessly aware, yet empty of imputed meanings. How we respond will determine the way the world will go. As citizens of our world, we can help things go in the direction of wisdom, caring, and compassion.” Pema Chodron

The quote about a peaceful mind is from my meditation teacher Swami Veda. He was not telling us to ignore reality and think peaceful thoughts. He was not one to encourage affirmations or positive thinking. He told a story one time about someone sitting in meditation sending positive vibes while a baby is crying. Don’t be foolish – get up and comfort the baby. He taught breathing, relaxation and meditation and he trained us in maintaining equilibrium and steadiness of mind even and especially when stressed.

He said to focus on building the good in ourselves and the negative will take care of itself. He told us that when something is causing fear and distress, it will help if we don’t add the fear and chaos of our own mind to the universal energy field. Yes, do take action to help by working within our community or field of influence. Another valuable contribution is to work with our own mind.

Join me for 8 Sundays March 1 through April 26 (no class Easter Sunday) as we work with seeing and releasing what is in the way of your own peaceful mind. Regular cost $99 USD. Now Free

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