I presently have a waiting list for seeing new people. Please email me so we can discuss. Thank you!

The Stillpoint Method of Healing Trauma is best experienced, at first, with a facilitator.  The facilitator gently guides you through the questions, holding the space for you to look at words, pictures, emotions and sensations. This is a gentle process in a safe environment that allows for open, clear seeing and releasing patterns of suffering.

My commitment with you is to bring my expertise and experience into our work together. When a person is able to see through identification and have the direct experience of being present with what arises during sessions, it can release Velcro and decrease suffering. At times this is evident during a session and other times is revealed later. Results are not guaranteed and not part of our contract. My whole-hearted presence during our time together is.

Lynn Fraser is a senior meditation teacher in the Himalayan Tradition and a Certified Facilitator of the Kiloby Inquiries, a system of facilitated mindfulness inquiry. 

Helpful information to know: Before We Work Together

Anything is fair game as a topic for inquiry and we have tools to work with addiction and compulsion. Most often we inquire into the underlying trauma that drives addiction. 

Prior to booking, please get to know me by joining us for daily practice, and Sunday classes. I understand that you may not be sure about this process of mindfulness somatic inquiry and want to try it once to see if it is a good fit for you.  Because it generally takes at least a few sessions to get comfortable enough to stay present in your body, I strongly suggest booking a series of five to give yourself the best opportunity for healing.

Private sessions of one hour are US $100. Most people book a group of 5 private sessions for $450 ($90 per session). The Kiloby Inquiries are worldwide and the prices are all in US. This provides consistency between people in Canada, US, UK, Europe and anywhere else in the world. 

For Canadians: Given the US Canadian exchange rate in recent years, I do offer a break for Canadians for $100 per session in a group of 5 or $110 singly. This comes to $500 + 15% HST = 575 Canadian for 5 or 115 Canadian for a single session.

Please pay by e-transfer to lynnfraserstillpoint@gmail.com. Paypal has recently begun charging for transfers within Canada so that is no longer a good option.

Freedom!  Lynn’s work unraveled my false beliefs about me.  Now I have access to what I actually think, what I actually want to do.  I say what I want to say during interactions, no need for my old post event analysis “I should have said… I’ll get ’em next time… I can’t say no, they’ll be hurt or mad”.  All that, my old defense mechanisms, took up a huge percentage of my thinking.  With no need for defense, I’m creative!  I’m a freelance writer and photography editor.  I’m faster now.  My work has more impact.  My personal relationships are healthier.  Most important, I have much more fun.  If you have the chance, work with Lynn.” ~Lane Ledoux, Canada

Private Sessions Canadian

“I’ve been in a crisis of extreme depression and loneliness. Lynn has helped me to notice the mind’s propensity to want to do something about it. That’s resistance in disguise. It’s the resistance that seems to perpetuate the suffering.” ~Stefano, US

“She has willingly and courageously walked the walk; so now she can convincingly talk the talk.  Her words come from an equanimity that she has discovered and unveiled, and that is available to all.  It is peace she offers, with a smile.”  Colette Kelso, The Deepest Peace