I offer a free daily online guided practice of meditation, relaxation, breathing and being with ourselves. We get to know ourselves in this small community of like-minded individuals. Why offer this every day? Because I know the importance of consistency.

We are bombarded all day long with a firehose of images and sensory inputs. People and situations are not safe. Our primitive brains are in a state of red alert trying to protect us from the dangers of modern life. Memories and associations of feeling powerless earlier in life hijack us in the present day and we react as though we still have the limited resources of a child. We’re stressed! Jacked up!

Our modern culture provides an abundance of ways to escape and manage the level of threat: from shoe shopping to comfort eating; escaping into Netflix to alcohol or other drugs; from porn to overwork; from the wormhole of online surfing to virtual reality experiences that engage us emotionally almost as though we were there.

And yet we long for silence. Peace. Connection – with ourselves and with others. Authenticity. Kindness. Being in our body. And it would be nice if it was now!

Healing past hurts and trauma, and restoring health and resilience in our nervous system and brain does take time. The truth is that we’ve had a torrent of negative inputs over decades that naturally affect us today. We formed core deficiency beliefs as children and through inquiry we can look at the evidence, see they are not true and are no longer a threat. We reduce tension and restore smooth, continuous diaphragmatic breathing. We raise the beneficial inputs and protect ourselves from the rest. As we heal, we widen our window of tolerance.

We become friendly towards ourselves, patient and kind. We develop emotional intelligence. We welcome our whole experience, in a heartfelt, embodied way. This is the prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jacks! It is SO worth it! Do you have something more important to do?

8AM Eastern every single day. http://zoom.us/j/645904638


Our prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jacks!
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