Trauma Healing Masterclass

Inspiring stories and powerful practices to ease the pain of being human

Sundays 10AM Eastern May 2 through August 29
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August 1: The greatest gift you can give the world is a peaceful mind
August 8: Coming out of freeze and overwhelm around climate change
August 15: Healing our relationship with the living earth
August 22: Intersectionality and climate action
August 29: Open hearted and connected

Our focus in July was our body. See this playlist

Watch and inquire here: playlist updated weekly with our Sunday class slides and inquiry

This summer, I am writing and revising my next book, Ordinary Trauma Extraordinary Healing: Inspiring stories and powerful practices to ease the pain of being human. My plan for Sunday classes is to give you a preview of the various chapters and sections in a highly focused way through inquiry.

Click here for a short summary about the book.

My ongoing work is to help people heal the pain of their “ordinary” trauma and to build resilience by learning to calm their nervous system, access higher level brain functioning, and meet the challenges of the present with clarity and compassion. Then the pandemic swept in. 

Ordinary people today are struggling to adjust, almost overnight, to the large-scale public trauma caused by Covid-19 which is driving enormous uncertainty about our physical, mental and financial health. We are afraid, grieving, anxious, and frustrated as we try to cope with lockdowns, homeschooling and now vaccines. Already tenuous relationships are stressed to the breaking point. Alcohol sales, drug overdose deaths, intimate partner violence, and divorce are all up.

Ordinary trauma arises from the pain of human life. We didn’t fit in at school. Our mom was depressed. Our parents worked all the time or fought a lot. We had a serious childhood illness, or a sibling did, or a best friend moved away, and so on. Many of us don’t know we are scared, hurt or only just coping, because these feelings are the water we have always swum in. We don’t know we have ordinary trauma, or that we are living with core beliefs of unworthiness. What we don’t know and feel, we can’t heal.

We process our collective fear and grief on top of our own individual pain. It is more urgent than ever to understand the basics of trauma, learn how to down-regulate our nervous system, and cultivate patience and kindness for ourselves and others. 

Unresolved trauma gets stored in our bodies and drives ongoing feelings of unworthiness, issues of addiction and perfectionism, and a tendency towards catastrophic thinking and mean, self-critical thoughts long after the original trauma has passed. We live in fear of what we might find when we stop compulsively thinking and open to our emotions. We can no longer ignore the energies and sensations in our body, but we aren’t sure we can survive feeling what we have suppressed all these years.

Let’s explore this together over the summer. This allows me to include you in shaping the book. You don’t have to wait for publication to benefit from the learning and inquiry. I will integrate your experience and sharing into the book which will then help other ordinary people to understand and go deeply into their own healing. A win-win-win!

Join us Sundays 10AM Eastern May 2nd through August 29
Zoom No. 582 534 511 Passcode 469878

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