by Swami Veda Bharati

The struggle to purify one’s thoughts during meditation can be a hard one. People struggle with these waves upon waves of emotions and commotions arising in the mind and become very discouraged during their meditations, or about their meditations. I’ll give you one bit of advice about it and that is this: you will not eliminate these waves of the mind during meditation by fighting them. If you ask me how I stop them, I will say that there is no way you can stop them. That seems very discouraging, but it is not. Really, it’s not.

Think of the ocean. You stand on the beach and you watch the ocean – mighty waves, storms, waves, ship-tossing waves, rising and falling. Ask a child to draw a picture of the ocean and he will draw waves. That is everybody’s idea of an ocean: waves and thundering sounds. But Jacques Cousteau wrote about the same ocean, and he named his book The Silent World. One of my hobbies is scuba diving. If a diver wants to go diving and experience this silent world, what does he do? Does he stand there in the boat and say, “Look at these thundering huge waves – how do I stop them?” There is no way he can stop them, so he puts on his gear and takes a jump into the sea. Twenty feet below the surface there are no waves. It is a silent world. All you hear is the sound of your breathing. You are in the silent world. You go down to the depth of two-hundred feet in some nice tropical waters and you look up. There is this boat, and people tossing and turning and hanging onto the sides of the boat, scared and afraid to fall into where you are enjoying yourself.

Go deep sea diving. When? Now. Where? Within. For how long? Eternity. You can go deep sea diving within, now, anywhere you are. You cannot stop the surface waves. But, you see, only a small part of your mind is actually involved with those waves. There is a vast depth to your mind where it is linked to Infinity. Don’t fight the thoughts that are arising. Keep coming back to doing what you have to do. All that the diver needs is his breathing gear. Focus on your breathing. Observe the breath. Continue to feel it.

Maintain one single word in your mind and keep coming back to it. Keep coming back to it. Keep coming back to it. And you will learn to dive past that area of the ocean of your mind which is filled with these stormy waves. So here we are talking about the science of human personality, all the faculties of human personality as they were explored, along with the maps of consciousness, charted by those whose exploration was within the human person. It’s a great adventure. Greater than all the adventures into outer space is the adventure into inner space, I’m telling you! Outer space may end somewhere, but Inner Space is infinite!

Yoga is a vast science in which you establish total control over your mind and physiology. The mind controls the body. Your mind heals you. Meditation is the healing of the mind. Learn to dive into the depths and keep going.