Swadhyaya is study that leads to knowledge of the Self (Consciousness).  It can begin with reading and intellectual understanding.  The rational acceptance of spiritual truths leads to intuitive insights and true experience and understanding.  Click here for guided inquiry practices

Swadhyaya includes all aspects of getting to know ourselves. We practice it through meditation, breath awareness, loosening our attachments or compulsions and learning to stay in the present moment. We work with compassion, truthfulness and courage.

Avidya, ignorance of our True Self,  is the root cause of the six negative emotions and is the reason for many problems in daily life. Yoga philosophy is clear about our own basic goodness.  Swadhyaya helps to reveal this.

A regular practice of study is helpful. There are wonderful teachers available in person and through books, audio programs and DVD’s.  Experiencing the reality that we are more than just the body, breath and thoughts in the mind is part of swadhyaya as well. Touching our True Self in silence leads into the final niyama … Ishwara Pranidhana.