The Panorama Inquiry is based on the panorama view of all your relationships with people and things.  Like the Boomerang Inquiry, it is merely a tool to help you name the deficient self that is being mirrored back to you in all your relationships. Once you name it, you then try to find it using the UI.

Imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a room, with all the people and other things in your life placed around you in a circle.  Scan around the whole circle.  As you look at each person or thing, notice how it appears to reflect back that you are deficient in some way.  This panoramic view will help you see and name the particular deficient self that you take yourself to be. You use this panorama view to see what these people and things mirror back to you about your own sense of deficiency. Then you use the Unfindable Inquiry to see if you can find that self.

Here’s how the Panorama Inquiry works:

  • Create a circle and scan it.  Create an imaginary circle of the people and things in your life.  As you scan around the circle, stop whenever you feel triggered in any way.
  • Name it.  Name the deficient self that this person or thing appears to mirror back to you.
  • Find it.  Try to find that deficient self using the UI.
  • Repeat.  Scan the circle again, repeating steps 1 – 3 for each person or thing that triggers you.

* * *

Lynn Fraser is an experienced Facilitator of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries.

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