For those of you who ask why we regularly invite people to work with a facilitator, instead of only doing this work alone, let me give you a personal example.  After my (pretty invasive) testicular cancer surgery to remove…shall we say …. one of two things that only males have, I began to feel a contraction in my pelvic area that was really thick. It had been there all my life, but became magnified. One of the only areas of my body that hasn’t been open. I tried to facilitate myself on this and it was ok. But I met with a Living Inquiries senior facilitator/trainer twice on that recently and it went VERY DEEP. It released tons of stuff down there and it feels totally different now. It is hard for us to truly express that working with someone who is trained is very different than doing this on your own, at least at first. But I hope this post helps you understand why we mention it so often. It comes from our personal experience with this work. (from a Facebook post by Scott July 11, 2013)

Lynn Fraser has been a Facilitator of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries since 2012. Email


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