Self-medicating and escaping from pain and trauma underlie all addiction.

Addiction to certain substances and activities shows up as a compulsive movement of thoughts, emotions, and sensations. The CI targets the compulsion energy so that it releases itself. Addiction also has, at its roots, such mental stories as “I’m worthless,” “I’m not good enough” or some other deficiency story. These core beliefs are uprooted using the Unfindable Inquiry.

In private sessions, we weave the Compulsion Inquiry with the Anxiety Inquiry and the Unfindable Inquiry to help clients release the entire addictive movement. We freeze-frame the process and follow it through from the ghost-image to looking at how exactly do we know we have a compulsion for something.

The Compulsion Inquiry was co-developed by Scott Kiloby and Colette Kelso.

“I could now see myself walking on the beach as a person just walking on the beach, not as a person who eats compulsively walking on the beach.” K, US

This is a quick 4 minute look.  Privately facilitated sessions go into depth to really see through the entire process of compulsion and to release the underlying pain and trauma.

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