I came across this writing today about my meditation teacher Swami Veda Bharati. I feel such deep love and gratitude to have been connected with him for so many years. I am sure I heard him say this many times during the teacher training program and it was there in the background all this time. THIS! This is the foundation of my work, my practice and my life.

Swami Veda was a true embodiment of love, compassion and kindness. All his students revered him as “mother” because each person he encountered became his family and he gave them utmost love and care.

“Make everyone feel loved”: His resounding message to all his students around the world was to cultivate an attitude that ensures that everyone they encounter feels loved. It is one of the basic traits of a spiritual teacher.

The mission which was close to his heart was: everybody should feel loved. He said, “I want to help people in their spiritual progress as well as console them with compassion”.


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Let Everyone Feel Loved
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