It does not feel like a post-Covid world to me yet! We’re bracing ourselves for a return to work and school during a 4th wave with the Delta variant. Some people mask and vaccinate. Some don’t. People are dying. Our nervous systems are alarmed.

It is tough being a person with an activated fight response. It is also tough being around people who are in fight mode. We know from neuroscience that we don’t have great access to our higher level cognitive brain when we are in fight/flight/freeze. That explains a lot of the behavior we see in our world right now. Having an explanation might help us feel compassion, but it doesn’t reduce the risk or make it that much easier to bear.

The first day of school this year feels different. If you live in a school district or state where masks are not mandated and you feel not enough is being done to reduce risk for students and teachers, you are going to have a lot of heightened emotions. Fear. Anger. Outrage. Grief. Some people in this situation have already lost family members and friends to Covid and now have no choice but to send their unvaccinated grade school children into a risky environment. This is the “new normal”?

Is your company also “ready to move on” and get you back to work in person? Is this based on science or impatience? They’ve “had enough”. We have to get the economy moving again. This is true AND at what cost? Are we doing everything we can to protect each other?

We’re seeing rising anger amongst vaccinated people against unvaccinated. Most of us can understand people who are vaccine hesitant. There are a variety of reasons for this and the increased risk with the Delta variant has tipped the scales for some people. It is harder to understand people who get their “science facts” from YouTube videos and are highly mistrusting of reputable scientists and doctors. Many of us love people who have taken this position and the impact of polarization can be heart breaking.

We are worried with good reason. The US Center for Disease Control’s new research found that those who were vaccinated were nearly five times less likely to get infected, 10 times less likely to get so sick they ended up in the hospital, and 11 times less likely to die. A virus doesn’t care what we believe or why. These are hard lessons to learn.

Situations in life that trigger a feeling of powerlessness land harder on people with unhealed trauma. A nervous system sensitized to fear from childhood has less resilience and strength than someone who grew up with secure attachment and a feeling of being basically okay. We are working with this individually as well as in our communities, countries and worldwide.

This month during my Insight Timer Lives (Saturdays at 4 PM Eastern) and our Sunday community classes (10AM Eastern), we are looking into staying grounded and steady during hard times. You are welcome to join us for guided inquiry with an emphasis on staying grounded in our body and the present moment. We share and listen to each other and discover we have so much in common. We learn more about our nervous system and our responses make more sense.

Try one of these guided inquiries from last week.

Click here for the link to join us live Saturday and Sunday September 18 and 19th.

I’m Not Ready to Return To “Normal”
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