If I were completely free to be authentically me, I would …

If you were completely free, what would you bring in and what would you release? Let yourself visualize what that would be like. What is your felt sense of being free?

If social anxiety and perfection fell away, what would that look like in your life? We all want to be approved of and included. What is your window of tolerance for someone not approving of you? How does scanning for validation limit you?

I know in every cell of my body that it’s okay for me to be me. I keep discovering my own good heart. What I bring to the world is precious. What is your response to these sentences?

When we look deeply into freedom, our external life might not be that much different. Inside though! We’re not as scared. We’re confident that other people want to get to know us. When we are afraid or seeking approval, we are in fight/flight/freeze/fawn response. It is hard for us to connect kindly with ourselves let alone others. Our walls are up and we are reactive instead of open.

With accurate neuroception, we are clear and identify actual threats. We don’t bring in decades of hurt to this present moment. We are able to regulate our nervous system and open our hearts. We can be ourselves. This freedom is worth working for!


If I Were Free
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