It is deeply transformative to do gratitude practice. Each night before bed, we take note of what there is to enjoy and appreciate in our life. In part this helps to offset the built-in negativity bias in the brain and nervous system. It makes a difference and we find ourselves looking for things we appreciate as we move through our day.

A big appreciation for me is that my internal environment is so clean. I feel kindly and friendly within. It has been a long journey for me as I have let go of judging and shaming myself.

I realize through my own direct experience that I am the opposite of many of the beliefs I had and others had about me. In the space that opened up, I live without that familiar sense of dread and anxiety. At times my internal shaming has been very obvious and aggressive. What’s the matter with me?! In recent years there has been a gentle unfolding and letting go of more subtle contraction and beliefs of how I “should” be.

How do you respond when you say “I love you” to yourself? Close your eyes right now and notice. “I love you.” What words or images come up? What is the energy in your body? Do you tighten up? Does your mind come up with evidence you don’t deserve it? Do you relax and savor the warmth?

At the end of this guided practice we look at what you appreciate about yourself. We nurture gratitude for other people, animals, quiet, sunshine, a good meal, a great conversation and can extend that to ourselves.  “I appreciate myself for …”

I deeply appreciate being on this path of authenticity and alignment. What comes up for you?


I Love and Appreciate Myself
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