We did a Living Inquiries guided practice on female power today in our daily group meditation. One of our regulars had an experience the day before that made her uncomfortable and she wanted to look into it more deeply. As always, the topic one person suggests resonates with the rest of us.

A Living Inquiry is an opportunity to pay attention to our own inner experience. We began with relaxation and breathing.We brought in full powerful inhalations and relaxed completely as we exhaled. We look at words and phrases like power, woman, I am powerful. We notice our response – it could be words or images and there is always an energetic response in our body. It could bring up memories of times we felt powerless. And times we feel powerful! We look to see if we need to dampen powerful energy in our body or if we are safe to feel it as it is. We pay direct attention to the sensation and feelings. We keep in touch with our breath. We let it all go and open our eyes.

This is an inquiry we can do many times and it is always fresh.

The daily practice is at http://zoom.us/j/645904638 and is free.
Everyone is welcome to join us at 8AM Eastern 7 days a week.

I Am Powerful
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