What are your conditioned beliefs about your body? 

We live in a diet culture that shames us for our bodies. Our ancestors had an unreliable food supply. We evolved to binge when food was available and store it as fat to survive lean times.  Our brains generate hormones to drive us to eat. Our metabolism slows down when we restrict food. 

We naturally seek comfort through food. We celebrate with food. Our brain associates food with love. For many people, eating and body size become a mine field of control and perfectionism and shame. 

We live in a culture that glorifies unhealthy eating and drinking at the same time as it vilifies people who “lose control” and gain weight. 98% of diets fail yet we as individuals are blamed for being weak and lazy.

“Self-love’s hard to achieve in a culture that teaches us self-hate. You don’t need to change who you are for anyone.” Dianne Bondy Yoga

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I advocate for my body
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